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Is The Vapour Released From E-Cigarettes Harmful To Bystanders?

There seems to be a fair share of uncertainty, fear and doubt about the effects of vapour released from e-cigarette. Second hand vaping has been a major argument among people who are very serious about implementing e-cigarette bans. These bans have been increasing in many places as people are linking them to traditional tobacco cigarettes. […]

E-liquid Regulations and Labelling Requirements

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – MHRA is an UK agency responsible for implementing the rules for any vaping products with nicotine, and creating guidelines for both consumers and manufacturers. MHRA’s Tobacco and Related Product Regulations took effect in 2016 in UK and made Tobacco Products Directive as a priority for e-cigarette manufacturers. […]

Are E-Cigarettes better alternative for Asthmatic Patients?

Governments all over the world are trying to enforce more and more regulations to control the use of e-cigarettes, even though there have been many studies done proving how beneficial it is to smokers when switching from tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes. Smoking tobacco cigarettes makes asthma sufferers condition worse, affecting their lung function and make […]

Is Nicotine Dangerous?

Most people tend to associate nicotine with tobacco, smoking and as the cause of life-threatening diseases. But, the truth is that nicotine by itself is not harmful unless taken in high doses. Yes, nicotine can be addictive but not more addictive than substances like caffeine, which has a similar effects to the brain; in fact, […]

Recommended Harm Minimization Method for Smokers

While you read this lines, you might have already realized the benefits that you can reap by switching over to electronic cigarettes. The biggest positive effect of replacing your regular cigarette with e-cigarettes is that you could eventually switch to a safer alternative while still enjoying blowing clouds away. However, without a method that perfectly […]