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Where to Find High Quality E-cig Juice with Nicotine?

Vaping has become more popular as the smokers are looking for effective ways to improve their health without giving up their pleasurable habit and routines. Inhaling vapors released from using flavoured ejuices contained in an ecigarette can help alleviating the desire for smoking and also lessen its associated health risks. With the increased health benefits […]

Stronger NZ Nicotine Vaping Restrictions?

New Zealand is now under fire from the health department and has been urged to consider restricting the sales of nicotine e-vaporisers (electronic cigarettes) exclusively to pharmacies. Both the CDC and the  health promotion agency have claimed that the number of adolescence vaping nicotine e liquid has almost tripled in the past two years and […]

Are E-cigarettes a real fire hazard?

Once again the press in Australia has attacked the e-cig community. This time they have based their negative propaganda in a United Kingdom fire hazard report. Electronic devices in general are known to be a risk if not used, maintained and charged as per manufacturer’s recommendations. But as a responsible supplier Soulblu has taken a […]


Today 14th November 2014 The Age Newspaper published an article about flavoured e cigarettes being marketed  and sold over the counter to children in Victoria Australia. Reason why Control Policy Manager of Quit Victoria would  like to see the sale of Electronic Cigarettes banned outright. Lolly flavoured e-cigarettes are appealing to any age group, not only to […]


Through a ridiculous turn of events QLD is looking at becoming the first state in Australia to subject electronic cigarettes to the same laws as traditional tobaccos due to a report by the WHO which presented false dramatic claims about the adverse effects of harmless vapour from e-cigarette use on public health while there is […]

Western Australia Bans e-Cigarettes!

Australian Vaping community is in outrage since the Cancer Council of Western Australia has taken legal action against a product which is known to be 100-1000 times safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Should smoking limitations affect e Cigarettes users?

Electronic Cigarettes Users (commonly known as Vapers) around the globe are concerned if they are legally allowed to Vape indoors.

No better alternative to smoking

Every day smokers around the world try to quit smoking through a range of quit smoking aids, will power and alternatives.


Good Habits are as ADDICTIVE as bad habits, but much more rewarding.

Addictive substances greatly increase the speed by which a habit can be formed. Cigarettes are within that category.


Who should and shouldn’t use the Electronic Cigarette?

Non smokers should not try or use Electronic Cigarettes as there is no need to do it. Our aim is not to promote electronic cigarettes among Non smoker, but to provide a safer alternative to Smokers that have tried many other solutions without success.