What is a battery?

e cigaretter batteriesThe battery is a lithium ion 3.6 volt rechargeable. It can last up to 3 months. It has a computer chip and a little silicone flap connected to contacts that activate it.

Depending on the model you buy they come in from 150 mAh to 280 mAh.  The mAh rating determines how long it will last between charges. Since the switch is activated by drawing on the atomiser, there must be airflow, hence the liquid, if overfilled, can get into the  battery and  mess up the function of the switch.

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Batteries are the part of an electronic cigarette which makes the whole system work. In simple words the battery is what supply the power to an electronic cigarette and initiates the process of vaporising the e-liquid. Without a battery the electronic cigarette will not work.

All the batteries inside Soulblu electronic cigarettes have been tested by our electronic engineers, so they are safe, reliable and long lasting.


To get the best results our of Soublu batteries you need to know and follow some instructions:

* Run any of Soulblu batteries flat before you recharge them

* Only Recharge Soulblu battery using the USB, USB Cable, wall chargers or any other chargers provided with the starter kit or available on Soulblu website or shop front.

* Do not charge the batteries with other type of charger from other manufacturers, even if they match the battery fitting.

* Clean / dry off any mist or residues inside the battery fitting (the hole where you screw the cartomiser / cartridge, tank) using a cotton butt or the end of a paper towel. Do this before you put your battery to charge. This will avoid your batteries from getting shorted and allow the batteries to perform better and last its complete life span.

* Do not overfill your cartomisers to avoid e-liquids going into the battery fitting.

* Unscrew the cartomiser from the battery any time before you want to refill your cartomisers

* Avoid dropping your batteries

* Keep your batteries away from moist, water and high temperature.

* When vaping allow intermittent slow and smooth puffs. If you vape long puff too often, too quick, too hard, you will not allow the battery to cool down and can result with e-liquids in your mouth and overheated battery. When the battery gets too hot, the blue light at the end of the battery will start flashing for couple of seconds, then stop flashing as the computer on the battery reset itself ( if using a caballero then you can push the button to help reset the battery computer quicker).

* Don’t take your electronic cigarette when you go to sleep as the battery might get activated and hot.

There are different types of batteries, depending on the type of electronic cigarette; bigger batteries are more powerful and typically last longer hours. These are the batteries available at Soulblu:

1. SOULBLU DISPOSABLE BATTERY (sold as disposable cigarettes):


This batteries are not rechargeable. Within the vaping range it will produce up to 400 puffs which is the equivalent to a pack of 25 cigarettes. The battery is inbuilt, so you cannot replace the battery once is flat. Unlike the other electronic cigarettes, Soulblu disposable e-cigarette is as heavy as an analogue cigarettes, the battery is covered in cardboard material and paper, so you will be able to squeeze it in between your finger like when you smoke.



This batteries are fully rechargeable and when they are fully charged they run for up to 6 hours. The batteries are automatic, which mean you don’t have to push any button while you puff.

To recharge the batteries you can use a USB charger plugged to a USB port or the Mobile Charging Case provided with the Resolution electronic cigarette starter kit.

The Size of Resolution battery makes the e-cigarette slightly longer and heavier than a Smoke. Its diameter is almost the same, but you will not be able to squeeze it in between your fingers like a smoke. But don’t worry, you will get used to holding it.

WARNING: It is extremely important to clean the battery fitting before you put to charge the battery to avoid the batteries getting shorted.

Best cartomisers to use with this batteries: we recommend Prefilled Cartomisers or if you want to use e-liquids then get SB3 ceramic cartomisers refillable and a refill kit to put the e liquid inside.



Bigger batteries, means longer hours of use. Soulblu Caballero batteries have been designed for heavy duty. These batteries supply 900 mAh and 3.2 Volts. In simple words Caballero batteries will last up to 18 hours once it’s fully charged. So, our suggestion is to charge the battery at night before going to bed, so the next day you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries, as these reliable Caballero battery will still work until the end of the day.

Best cartomisers to use: To get the best results out of this batteries, we recommend you use Soulblu SB3 ceramic cartomisers refillable, SB5 refillable cartomisers or prefilled cartomisers; as these resistance of these cartomisers specially match the voltage of Caballero batteries.

You don’t need to worry about the size, length and diameter of your Soulblu caballero ! You will feel so satisfied by the performance, clouds of vapour produced and throaty hit, that you will soon love the switch.

Unlike Soulblu Resolution batteries or smokes, the Soulblu Caballero batteries are manual, which means they will not get activated unless you push a button with each puff.

This are the biggest batteries of Soulblu Range. This batteries are a bit different from the rest: they are not inbuilt the e cigarette, they charge different and last more hours.

The batteries in VAMO kit are required to be charged with universal charger included with the VAMO kit. With this kit you get 2 batteries: one 18350 – 900mAh and one 18650 – 16500mAh which require the use of the body extension. These batteries have been designed specially to run variation of voltages (3.0 V to 8.0 V) which can be regulated when getting to the settings of the VAMO settings displayed in a LED screen.

Run it at a higher voltage, and you get more vapour. Be aware by doing this you might get a burnt taste from your e-liquid, and use more e liquids and coil heads than running it at a lower voltage. You need to experience a bit of both (high and low) until you find the best setting for your personal preferences of vapour, flavours and throaty hit.


Description – Fits model – Rechargeable ?- voltage – mhA – diameter – weight – lenght

Soulblu Disposable – yes

Soublu Resolution – yes – 3.2 v – 280mhA – 8mm – 13gms – 63mm

Soulblu Caballero – yes – 3.7 to 4.2v – 900mhA – 13mm – 33gms – 85mm

18650 – VAMO/ VTR/MODS – yes – 3v to 6v – 2600mhA – 18mm – 45gms – 65mm

18350 – VAMO/ VTR/MODS – yes – 3v to 6v – 900mhA – 18mm – 24gms – 25mm