What is a cartomiser?

e-cigarette-cartomisersA cartomiser (sometimes called clearomiser, tank, clearos) is made of a cartridge and an atomiser. The cartomiser is the part of an ecigarette which holds certain amount of ejuice (normally 1ml to 3ml), which gets vaporised every time you take a puff (when using automatic batteries) or when pressing a button and puffing (if you use a manual battery).There are different types of cartomisers depending on which type of Soulblu offers you 5 different types of cartomisers:

Prefilled cartomisers for E Cigarettes

cartomiserThese are the easiest cartomisers to use as they are already prefilled with the eliquid (PG, VG and flavour), some others will also have nicotine e liquid depending were you purchase (you can import nicotine eliquid prefilled cartomisers from www.soulblu.co.nz).

Soulblu prefilled cartomisers are available in 6 different flavours you can choose from: Tobacco, Menthol, WIN, MLB, Chocolate and Cappuccino. Also they are available in 2 different sizes:

Small Prefilled cartomisers contain 1.0ml of eliquid and fit Soulblu Resolution and Nano.

Xlarge Prefilled cartomisers contain 1.8ml of eliquid and fit Soulblu Caballero and Caballero Lite.
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Refillable Ceramic Cartomisers SB3

Refill kit for refilling cartomisers

You can refill SB3 ceramic cartomisers with e liquid using a refill kit (syringe and needles). SB3 cartomiser can be refilled up to 7 times or until SB3 cartomisers stop producing same great amount of vapour, or if the eliquid flavour start changing to a slightly burnt taste. The amount of juice you refill SB3 ceramic cartomisers with depends on the size.

Refill Small SB3 ceramic cartomisers with 1ml or under 1ml after the first time you refill them. Small SB3 cartomisers fits Soulblu Resolution, Nano and other batteries with a universal 510 fitting.

Refill Xlarge SB3 ceramic cartomisers with 1.8 or under 1ml after the first time you refill them. Xlarge SB3 cartomisers fits Soulblu Caballero, Caballero Lite and other batteries with a universal 510 fitting.

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cartomiserRefillable Clearomisers SB5

SB5 clearomiser produce a lot of vapour and give a delicious vaping experience. SB5 are easy to refill, easy to clean and because they are a clear tank, you can see the amount of eliquid as you refill them. SB5 can be refilled with maximum 1.6ml of eliquid. SB5 clearomisers last up to a week before the Coil Head need to be replaced or until it stop producing great amount of vapour or the flavour changes to slightly burnt taste.

SB5 clearomisers are available in 7 different colours: Clear transparent, black, green, blue, red, yellow and purple. SB5 fit Soulblu Caballero and Caballero Lite.
iClear 30s Clearomiser/tankiClear 30s tank by Innokin it is extremely simple to use, clean and change coil heads yet do not let this fool you. It is an awesome tank. With a large 3ml eliquid capacity and replaceable dual coils through the centre of the tank, you are never going to get a dry hit as long as the wicks are soaked in e liquid. The coil heads last a long time with most people reporting 3-4 weeks per coil head.Iclear 30s tanka fit VAMO V5, VTR and other MOD / Variable Voltage devices.

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cartomiser tankAspire rebuildable tank

Nautilus by Aspire. The newest arrival to Soulblu, it impressed us straight away here. Impressive tank with 5ml capacity it will surely keep going after your batteries die. The adjustable airflow matches your vaping style perfectly. Change it to suit how you vape!

Aspire fit VAMO V5, VTR and other MOD / Variable Voltage devices.

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  • Airflow Control (AFC) 0.9mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm & 1.8mm
  • Bottom Dual Coil 1.6-1.8 Ohm resistance.
  • 5ml tank capacity.
  • Glass Pyrex tank

Advantage of Cartomisers

  • They hold more e-liquid than cartridges, which means less time filling & fiddling around with e-liquid, less mess, more enjoyment.
  • Our Cartomisers are approximately equivalent to one packet or 40 cigarettes based on average puff count.
  • They are easy to use as you simply screw the cartomiser onto the battery and you are ready to go. Our cartomisers also last longer than a traditional prefilled cartridge in terms of puff count AND you don’t need to inhale as strongly to get a lot of vapour.
  • When the performance of the cartomiser is reduced or you get a bad taste you simply replace it with a new one.
  • The cost of cartomisers is around $2 each, so it is truly at a disposable price and offers far more convenience.

Have questions about cartomisers? Please drop us an email or give us a call.

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