Are E-Cigarettes better alternative for Asthmatic Patients?

E-Cigarettes better alternative for Asthmatic Patients

Governments all over the world are trying to enforce more and more regulations to control the use of e-cigarettes, even though there have been many studies done proving how beneficial it is to smokers when switching from tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes.

Smoking tobacco cigarettes makes asthma sufferers condition worse, affecting their lung function and make corticosteroids treatments less effective. On the other hand, using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking will substantially reduce the impacts of smoking and associated health issues among asthma sufferers. A new study made by Professional Ricardo Polosa and his crew looked into the improvements seen among asthma patients who cut down smoking or fully switched to vaping. Some of the findings are shown below:

About the experiment:

Eighteen (18) asthmatic patients who switched from tobacco smokes to e-cigarettes were involved in the study to investigate any development in the respiratory function and overall health condition. They were closely monitored and various baseline measures were taken and checked against the figures obtained after 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.


The long time observation revealed consistent improvements in respiratory symptoms and lung function in all the patients. The evidence has proved that switching from smoking to vaping can benefits asthmatic patients in different ways. It not only helps in reversing the damages caused by tobacco cigarettes but also improves the effectiveness of treatment given to asthma sufferers.

Impacts of E-Cig Use on COPD Disease:

Apart from asthma, e-cigarettes can also benefit (converted to vaping) patients suffering from COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. As per the global internet survey conducted on over 19,000 consumers, it is proved that people with emphysema, non-reversible asthma, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis have experienced reduction in the symptoms after switching over to vaping.

Final Verdict:

Media and regulators are trying to make everyone believe that e-cigarettes are extremely harmful, but real studies have revealed out the benefits that can be gained by switching from smoking to vaping. In order to emphasize more on this finding, further studies should be conducted with a larger group so that people can gain a better understanding of how e-cig usage can reduce health problems like asthma and encourage smokers to switch to a 95% less harmful alternative to smoking.

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Is Nicotine Dangerous?

Is Nicotine Dangerous

Most people tend to associate nicotine with tobacco, smoking and as the cause of life-threatening diseases. But, the truth is that nicotine by itself is not harmful unless taken in high doses. Yes, nicotine can be addictive but not more addictive than substances like caffeine, which has a similar effects to the brain; in fact, some prescribed medicines containing moderate levels of nicotine have significant beneficial effects on a variety of psychiatric and mental disorders.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a parasympathomimetic alkaloid produced by plants of the nightshade family. Tobacco is not the only source of nicotine, you can find this substance even in some fruit, teas and vegetable sold at the supermarket, such as eggplant, potato, green pepper, tomato, cauliflower, etc., being tobacco plants the highest producer of nicotine.

Nicotine by itself is only a mild central system stimulant similar to caffeine and has very mild addictive properties also much like caffeine.

Is nicotine harmful?

As already stated, nicotine is not harmful by itself when used in moderation. When you smoke a cigarette, you will be consuming around 2 mg of nicotine. An individual who smokes two packs of cigarette per day would be ingesting 80 mg of nicotine. Similarly, a nicotine gum delivers around 2 to 4 mg of nicotine and on an average, a person can consume up to 64 mg of nicotine per day. These are safe levels, but taking 60 mg of concentrated nicotine in one dose is considered to be fatal. Is always recommended to stick to dosages under 18mg to avoid reactions, such as, headaches, dizziness or even vomits.

Is Vaping Nicotine safer than smoking?

When you vape, nicotine e-liquid gets heated up to controlled ranges of temperature, immediately converted to vapour that can be inhaled and exhaled. Here, there is no burning, combustion or tar involved, so you are cutting down the main causes of tobacco related diseases. Scientifically it has been proven that the amount of toxins found in nicotine e-liquids are minimal molecules sizes which are not harmful to humans, in some cases they are not even present.

It’s highly recommended to always source vaping gear and e-liquids from reliable, local and known manufacturers. Remember the cheapest option is not always the best option. Always ask for the best, safer and user friendly vaping device.

Positive sides of nicotine:

  • According to studies, nicotine is known to improve the cognitive function and memory of people with Alzheimer disease and schizophrenia. It can also be beneficial in preventing Parkinson’s disease.
  • Researchers at Standford University discovered that nicotine can stimulate the body to grow new blood vessels when used appropriately.
  • Nicotine helps improving mood and is recommended for people with mood disorders like anxiety and depression. It also provides you relief from stress, panic attacks and anxieties while increasing your focus and productivity.

Although, anyone can conclude that nicotine is not harmful, it’s highly recommended to use eliquids containing small doses of nicotine (up to 18mg) and source safe vaporisers from reliable, known and local suppliers.

Soulblu Australia does not supply, sell nicotine eliquids, but you can order up to 3 months  worth from a recommended overseas supplier online.

Recommended Harm Minimization Method for Smokers

Recommended Harm Minimization Method for Smokers

While you read this lines, you might have already realized the benefits that you can reap by switching over to electronic cigarettes. The biggest positive effect of replacing your regular cigarette with e-cigarettes is that you could eventually switch to a safer alternative while still enjoying blowing clouds away. However, without a method that perfectly works for you, it seems to be very tedious to make the transition and get rid of tobacco cigarettes.  In order to facilitate smokers like you, we have come up with a step-by-step method that helps you through the process:

Harm minimization strategy

  1. Make the right decision

Choosing the right electronic cigarettes supplier might take a while as there are so many websites online. If you are not sure call the supplier and get all your questions answered. Finding a local supplier who offers after sale support will make things easier, so search for one, visit them or call them. Remember always, a good supplier is not the one that offers hundreds of cheap e-cigs, it’s actually the one that offer original products, good quality, after sale support and service.

-          You will need to decide which e-cigarette starter kit to choose, although be prepare to upgrade as technology keeps catching up as it does with any electronics. You need to feel comfortable with your vaping device, so choose the right size, the most functional and easiest to use, refill and maintain.

-          Choose the right e-liquid flavor, if possible try many and choose up to three flavors to vape, so you can swap them without getting bored with the same

-          If you are a chain smoker, you can start with a comparative similar nicotine e-liquid strength to that from the tobacco ones you smoke. An average smoker can opt for higher strength whereas the social smokers can go for lighter end. In order to make the transition successfully, you need to strict with the appropriate nicotine strength for about eight weeks. Once you have got used to it, it’s time for the next step.

Reduce the nicotine strength:

If you are consuming nicotine e-liquid with the highest nicotine strength, drop it down to the medium strength once you feel is time or about 3 month after you started vaping. Again, you have to stick to this for around eight weeks before moving onto the next level. Try vaping less what you have been for the past 2 months.

Drop down to low strength:

This is the scariest level as you will drop down the nicotine strength from medium to low and rely much lesser on the e-cigarette. One of the best ways to cut down your dependency is to leave the e-cig at your home when you pop around. This would help weaning yourself away from the nicotine addiction completely.

Switch to zero nicotine:

In this stage, you have to drop down to zero nicotine e-liquid. Though you would be feeling irritating for a couple of days, you will not be addicted to nicotine anymore. If you are able to do this, you are almost done.

It is recommended to always keep a bottle of nicotine eliquids at home if you feel stress or going through difficult life situations. It’s best to fill up your tank with nicotine e-liquids during those times, rather than going back to buy cigarettes.

The harm minimization process through vaping might not happen overnight, it may even take several months to wean yourself away from nicotine. It is suggested to keep your e-cig with zero (or lowest strength) nicotine on reserve as you are likely to be susceptible to smokers for a while. Having it as a backup will be a favour in that situation. When you follow this method, you can certainly be free from smoking!

Can I Smoke and Vape at the Same Time?

Smoke and Vape at the Same Time

There is a common belief among people that vaping and smoking at the same time would lead to adverse effects on health. However, this is a misconception, as dual usage is considered a slower pathway to harm minimization with the same end result “fully switching to vaping”. Although the motivation to smokers is to make the switch to a 95% safer alternative than smoking, it actually depends on each person’s situation, mind state or willingness to kick the butts.

Same behavior can be seen for smokers who decide to quit using Nicotine replacement therapies, such as, patches, spray or gum. For people who has been smoking for more than 10 years, it can be hard to take control of the addiction, therefore struggle for the first few weeks to fully give up.

UK studies have done scientific test and researches proving positive results regarding E-cigarettes being more successful than other nicotine replacement therapies (sprays, lozenges and patches), as they miss on simulating the visual, hand to mouth action and social side of smoking. Either way, if a smoker try quitting with NRTs or taking a harm minimization approach, it’s normal to face a transition period where smoking still might take part of the process.

What does the community think about dual usage?

When e cigarettes were introduced, people perceptions about e-cigarette where divided, as some people viewed them as a safer alternative to smoking, while others though e-cigs would prolong the addiction to nicotine, especially for those whose transition period to vaping take more than just few days. Family, friends are coworkers who have never smoked, hardly understand how difficult is to control and give up addictions, and instead of offering help and support, they will be more judgmental if they find both smoking and vaping are happening at the same time.

 They also speculate that vaping and smoking simultaneously leads to all health hazards that are typically caused by traditional cigarettes. This is incorrect as there are no proven evidences stating that dual usage will put one’s life at risk.

Is dual usage harmful?

While there are many debates as to whether e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking, there is no denying fact that the e-liquids are a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes. According to a report from Public Health England, e-cigs are found to be 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. It really makes sense to believe that the dual usage can reduce the impacts of tobacco cigarettes on one’s health if smoking is reduced considerably, for example, from 40 to 2 cigarettes a days.

How dual usage works?

Let’s consider a common case: a 40 years dedicated smoker go through 40 smokes every day.

If this person was to turn into a dual user, for the first week of vaping e-cigs He will probably be going through 4 cigarettes a day instead of 40. By doing so, He will be reducing the health impacts caused by cigarette smoke by 90%. It gets a lot easier for vapers as the times pass, so by the second week, most likely the smoking rate will be reduce to less than 1%, which is the equivalent to “not finishing a full cigarette”. It’s very common to find vapers who try smoking after few weeks of vaping, and find cigarettes repulsing, not able to finish it. By then they have already started to feel the positive changes happening to their system.

Switching over from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarette is not as easy as non-smokers can image. One must go through a tough transition period, but the dual usage can make a real difference. Vaping and smoking at the same time for as long as the transition period last, will help you recover faster from the smoking addiction, so dual usage is certainly a common step to go through until you achieve the final goal.

Future Of Vaping Technology- What Can You Expect?

Vaping Techniques

Since the invention of the first Ruyan e-cigarette in 2003, vaping technology has gone too far with e cigarettes being a safer, cheaper and more enjoyable alternative than conventional cigarettes. Many smokers around the world have put away tobacco cigarettes and switched over to vaping to minimize their own health risks, avoid second hand effect to bystanders, minimize their expenses; other smokers on the other hand, have switched to vaping because it looks cool, is more economical, does not smell, or due to its popularity and results gained.

During the early stages, the e-cigarettes manufacturer emphasised on easy to use ciga-like sizes, which provided a much cleaner, smoother, and enough satisfaction of nicotine cravings. After achieving this, and with many vapers on board, their focus shifted to manufacture devices which could produce larger clouds of vapour and provide better flavour through power and temperature customization. With advanced features, the current set ups are capable of producing immense amount of vapour and flavor enhancement, but what does the future hold for e-cigarettes?

Improved battery life:

Though current devices are equipped with high amperage capacities, most devices don’t have the power to last throughout the day. So, you can expect more efficient lithium ion polymer batteries to be launched in the future. While some devices currently use lithium ion polymer technology, they are not relatively efficient and working on its full potential. Future devices are likely to integrate advanced microchips and processors to be more user-friendly, intuitive and interactive.

Long lasting atomiser:

Depending on various factors, a typical atomiser coil lasts between two to three weeks before replacement. The vaping industry will see an emphasis on producing long lasting coil heads with improved lifespan. Although the flavour and vapour output of coils heads has increased substantially, they might not be to the best level yet, leaving room for some improvement.

Emphasis on quality over variety:

With so many restrictions and regulations imposed on e-cigarette traders, the focus will be on good quality rather than massive produced products with low quality standards. Very few manufacturers will be able to comply with high standards and comply with regulations, such as:

  • Electrical safety,
  • Good manufacturers practices,
  • E-liquid sizing, packaging, labelling, etc
  • E-cigarettes size, capacity, etc.
  • Ongoing Testing.

Instead of focusing on technological advancement, the e-cigarette industry will likely place more emphasis on producing high quality, reliable and long-lasting devices, aligned with each countries regulations. All the vaping equipment and supplies will be made with high quality materials and tested for durability to assure quality.

Apart from top quality, Soulblu always sources the safest, easiest to use and most cost effective electronic cigarettes from the most reputable brands and manufacturer. Soulblu purpose is to offer the best suitable products to smokers to ease up the transition from smoking to vaping. We are fully committed to provide the best range of e-cigarettes, mods, coils, tanks, e-liquids, batteries and other supplies that meet all your vaping needs. Explore our inventories and you will be surprised by the collections we have.

Recommended Tips to Make Your E-Cigarettes Last Longer

Tips to Make Your E-Cigarettes Last Longer

Like buying any electronic device, always ensure you get original brands of electronic cigarettes from a reliable supplier which can offer after sale support and good warranty. Please also be aware, than no matter which e-cig you buy; sooner (for clones) or later (original ones) you will have to replace the whole thing or just specific parts. If you want to get the most out of your e-cigarette, please read  these recommended tips to make your E-Cigarettes Last Longer

Choose original over clones

There are thousands of manufacturers in China which manufacture clone copies of original brands of e-cigarettes, being also sold by Australian vendors without considering quality. Always choose original brands, as those logically get manufactured with better materials and quality standards to last longer and perform better.

Follow manufacturer instructions

Every e cigarette starter kit always includes instructions. Please make sure you read them before you start using your vaporizer to avoid spillage, shortage and irreparable damages. If it looks to complicated, you can always go back to your supplier and get instructed on how to use and maintain your tanks, batteries, coil heads, chargers, etc.

Set recommended wattage/temperature range

There are vaporisers which have set voltage, while other can be customized (MODS). Having a MOD which highest wattage is 160watts for example, does not mean you need to set it up at 160watts. You need to choose the safe range of wattage which matches the coil head installed in your cartomiser, otherwise:

  • Coils will burn more often,
  • Batteries will drain its charge quicker,
  • MOD itself might also lose the ability to hold its charge.

Clean the coil regularly

Some cluster burnt juice might get accumulated in the coil affecting the flavor and the functionality of the device. If you want to increase the lifespan of your device and get a better taste, it is important to clean coils regularly gently wiping off excess juice using a cotton bud.

Avoid vaping higher than 80% VG e-liquid

While choosing an e liquid, you can pick up a flavor with varied combinations of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Liquids with a higher content of VG will produce thicker and smoother vapour. Though most of the vapers prefer e-juice with high levels of VG, it might clog up the coils, damage your device and reduce its lifespan.

Vape in short bursts

Taking puffs one after the other might lead to overheating. If you want to enjoy vaping for an increased length of time, then short bursts is the way to go. You must avoid inhaling deeply so that the coil will not get hot quickly and you will have enough time to cool between vapes. Giving the device a chance to cool between the hits will definitely make it last longer.

Store it properly

If you think that placing your e cigarette simply in the cupboard will not lead to any damages, it is the time to change your habit. Your device should be stored within a dry case, away from direct sunlight. With proper storage, you can boost the lifespan of your device and continue vaping for a long span of time.

If you have these tips in your mind, you can certainly make your electronic cigarettes last longer.

How to Maximize the Vaping Experience

How to maximize the vaping experienceVapourisers have become incredibly popular as vaping have been proven to the 95% safer than smoking and more successful than other nicotine replacement therapies. However, most people have a misconception that vaping does not delivers a strong throat hit and satisfactory vaping experience as tobacco cigarettes does. If you follow a few important steps, you can definitely get the best results from your vapouriser:

Safe high-power vaporisers or MOD can produce more vapour.

If you really want to increase vapour production, you can opt for a high-power device or variable wattage MODs. To start you can get an economic and easy to set up version, which can also be customized with just two buttons. The idea is not to increase the wattage to the highest setting, but to find the balance where it can produce lots of cloud and while keeping the flavor and experience enjoyable.

Just be aware, you will be refilling your tanks and replacing the coil heads (atomisers) more often if you use higher temperature or wattage MODs.

Lower your resistance.

By switching over to clearomiser or cartomiser which allows lower resistances, you will be able to produce more vapour from your e-cigs. With lower resistance you will require higher-wattage devices, so make sure you get tanks and MOD which are compatible.

Please be aware, lower resistance tanks (cartomisers) may put much strain on the batteries lower than 600 mAh. Invest in a good battery for your MOD. Best recommended batteries are 3,000mAh with reference 18650.

Fully charged batteries

Fully charge your batteries every time they are dead flat and do not partially charge them. We recommend to charge them overnight, but no longer than 8 hours. This ensure longer battery life and better performance for your vaporizer.

Keep in mind batteries can reach their rated voltage only when they are fully charged. Even if you vape occasionally and can go for days without recharging your battery, your device may not deliver its full performance, unless it is fully recharged.

Increasing the VG ratio of your e-liquids

E liquid contains two important ingredients such as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. While PG is responsible for dilution and throat hit, higher VG produces thicker, more satisfying clouds of vapour. While most people prefer 50/50 PG/VG, you can experiment with varying strength of VG for better vapour production.

Please be aware more than 80% VG might burn the coil heads (atomisers) more often, so try to find the balance between VG ratio, clouds and coils to be used up.

Adjusting the airflow

Every person have their preferences in term of drawing while vaping. Switching the airflow on your tank allow you to enjoy a more airy smoother puff rather than drawing harder to get more vapour.

Not all cartomisers “tanks” have airflow switch. We recommend you get one which can be increase the flow of air, which allows more air exchange between the vaporizer and your surroundings. When you inhale deeply, more air will travel over the coils and leads to increase vapour production.

Rebuildable drip atomiser

For those cloud chasers, having a rebuildable drip atomiser is always a must. You can attach this atomiser to the tank using a screwdriver. As the vapers should manually drip the e-liquid onto the coils before puffing, this is not perfect for everyday use. However, it is great for cloud chasers who want to produce enormous clouds.

Be aware, you will be using up more e-liquids and DIY coils, which requires times and practice.

These tips will certainly help you learn how to produce thicker vape clouds. But, you should only do what you are familiar with to make vaping a satisfying experience.

Where to Find High Quality E-cig Juice with Nicotine?

E-cig Juice with Nicotine

Vaping has become more popular as the smokers are looking for effective ways to improve their health without giving up their pleasurable habit and routines. Inhaling vapors released from using flavoured ejuices contained in an ecigarette can help alleviating the desire for smoking and also lessen its associated health risks. With the increased health benefits and cost effectiveness, the demand for e cigarettes and e-juices has been growing tremendously among vapers.

UK research concluded that ecigarettes containing nicotine are 95% safer than smoking and 35% more effective than other nicotine replacement therapy. Although your fight is against the carcinogens stick and to minimize the harm produce by smoke, you still can be the winner once you have fully done the transition to Nicotine e-cigarettes.

Please be aware it is important to source your e-liquid nicotine from reputable suppliers who can guarantee the quality of the ingredients, manufacturing methods and cleanliness, and the end product. If you are wondering where to find top quality e-cig juice with nicotine or without, then continue reading…

Explore local e-cig stores

When you are looking for a place to source your e-liquids from, you may get surprised by the good variety of flavors available locally, and the affordable prices offered for ready to vape eliquids, doublers and concentrates for DIY. If you can exercise some patience doing your search, you can even find a local vape store offering quality certified e-cig juice at competitive prices.

The major benefits of buying e-cigs from a bricks and mortar b&m store is that you could get proper advice and get all your questions answered, taste lots of e-juice flavours for free, touch and try different ecigarettes styles before you purchase one on the spot, understand how the e-cigarette you choose works, recharge, refill and maintain to get the longest life span and safer settings.

As per getting nicotine, you might already know buying nicotine from Australian stores is illegal, but you will get recommendations for overseas suppliers who can ship the nicotine eliquids, so ask the sales representative for advice.

Explore online stores:

Though it is quite beneficial to purchase e-cig products locally, it’s a good alternative to buy them online if you already know what you are looking for or have been advice by friends to get specific brands, reputable suppliers offering good quality nicotine e-liquids and quicker delivery timeframes. Typically you will find Nicotine e-liquid vendors overseas, as Australian e-cig vendors are limited to sell Non nicotine e liquid only. It’s quite recommended that you search for different sources in countries such New Zealand, UK, USA where vaping nicotine eliquids is totally legal. Avoid vendors from countries such as China, where e-cigarettes are illegal and poor quality controls have been implemented for production of nicotine e-liquids. Cheaper brand of e-liquids are not necessary the way to go, if you are trying to minimize your risks.

If you live anywhere in Australia, you can place your orders for high quality nicotine e-liquids from Soulblu New Zealand by phone or online.

Call:  +61 3 9046 1958


As a leading online vape store, Soulblu supplies e-cigarette products, e-juices with or without nicotine and other required vaping supplies to customers across Australia, New Zealand, UK and India.

How to Keep Your Electronic Cigarettes in Top Condition?

keeping e cigs in top condition

Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. If you want to enjoy a better vaping experience, you need to clean and maintain the e-cigarette regularly.  Taking proper care will keep your e-cig in top condition, ensuring that all the components function at their peak and your vaping experience is maximised eventually.

Maintain the recommended e-liquid level:

When the level of e-liquid is below the holes in the atomiser, the atomiser cannot draw in sufficient e-liquid. This leads to the risk of dry burn and foul taste. In the meanwhile, make sure that you don’t overfill the clearomiser. If the level of e-liquid exceeds the centre tube, you may end up flooding your clearomiser.

Clean your battery terminal:

Unclean and dirty terminals can affect the performance of the e-cigarettes. A cotton bud can be used to remove the build-ups and clean the terminal. The end of the clearomizer can also be cleaned in the same way.

Store e-cig properly:

The air holes on the clearomiser are meant to give sufficient airflow to the coil to maintain optimal temperature. When you leave the e-cigs upside down or on its side, the e-juice will travel toward these holes and eventually leak. So, you need to store the e-cig upright to prevent e-liquid flooding the airspace. The device should also be kept away from water, high temperature and direct sunlight.

Clean the atomiser and clearomizer clean:

With proper care and maintenance, you can amplify the performance and extend the life of clearomizer and atomiser. For effective cleaning, remove clearomizer and battery, wash it with warm water and leave it for 24 hours to dry.

Clean the mouthpiece:

As dust and fluff can get accumulated in the mouthpiece, it should be cleaned regularly. You can use a bit of tissue paper to clean the condensed e-liquid and wash the mouthpiece with warm water.

Don’t drain the battery completely:

Keeping your battery charged regularly is extremely crucial to extend its lifespan. If you run your batteries right down, their efficiency may be lost quickly. When you go on for long journeys, keep the batteries charged and store them away from high temperature.

Change the coil:

If you are using a clearomizer with replaceable coils, you need to change the coil regularly to maintain its top performance.

Store e-cig in a case:

Electronic cigarettes are very delicate and can get damaged when not stored properly. A case can protect sensitive parts of the e-cig and even prevent it from getting lost.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will improve your overall vaping experience. With the tips above, you can get the most out of Australian e-cigarettes.

5 Exquisite Ways to Amplify E-Cigarette Vapor Production

vapor production

When vaping for the first time, most people opt for something simple to use and satisfy their craving for tobacco. But, when they get used to vaping, discharging bigger vapor cloud seems to be quite appealing. If you feel that having a thicker and substantial vapor cloud is pretty satisfying, then here are certain tips to help you improve e-cigarette vapor production.

One of the best ways to maximize vapor production is to invest on a powerful mod, but not everyone could invest on a pricey device. No matter what kind of Australian e-cigarettes you use, we have some suggestions to make your device works at full capacity and produce massive vapor clouds.

Charge your batteries:

Keeping your battery fully-charged is indeed a simple way to maximize vapor production. E-cig batteries can reach their determined voltage when charged fully. At higher voltage, your device delivers utmost performance and generates voluminous clouds of vapors.

Have quick Puffs:

Taking a few quick puffs warms up the heating coil and maximizes the vapor production. When the coil is cool while taking an initial drag, you will end up drawing limited amount of vapor from the device. So, starting with a few quick puffs is necessary to enjoy surplus vapor production.

Go with higher VG e-liquid:

E-liquid contains two main ingredient- propylene glycerin and vegetable glycol. While PG is responsible for excellent flavor, VG is known to produce thicker and denser vapor clouds. If you have the craving for dense vapor, you can opt for Australian e-liquid with increased quantity of VG.

Increased airflow:   

When there is an increased airflow over the coil, the device can produce more vapors. However, if you are producing a lot of vapor without much airflow, then the vapor will be concentrated and hot, and it would not be pleasant to drag. Only when you bring in more airflow, the vapor will be cooled down and you can comfortably vape.

Lower the resistance:

At lower resistance, more current will pass through and result in great vapor production. Simply switching over to a lower resistance clearomizer or cartomizer, you can maximize vapor production from your e-cigarette.

If you are looking for thicker and satisfying clouds, you can implement these techniques to enrich the performance of your electronic cigarettes.