Vaping Technique – Is there a right way to Inhale?

There are many different ways to inhale when vaping. The opinions over the best vaping technique, differs from one vaper to other. Is there actually a right way to Inhale? Or is it just a Myth? Let’s look at different types of Vaping Techniques.

Vaping Techniques

The Mouth Inhale Technique:

Few vapers don’t like to inhale vapour. Instead, they pull the vape through their mouth and exhale it slowly, unlike the way a smoker draws a cigar. Some critics suggest that this method is an utter waste of e-liquid, since the nicotine is not absorbed completely. While others support stating that nicotine is readily absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouse and nose.

On a positive note this method is the least harsh way to enjoy a vape. A good way to savour the flavour of eliquid. On a negative note considering the “clouds” that you produce depends on the capacity of your mouth.

The Mouth to Lung Technique:

Some vapers prefer to draw the vapour into the mouth, hold it for a second or two, inhale it further to the desired level into the lungs, and then exhale through mouth or nose. This method is ideal for beginners or someone looking to switch from smoking to electronic cigarette. Some vapers consider this method is better as they do not have to inhale directly. This might result in low cloud discharge due to the length of time the vapour is in your mouth.

The Lung-hit Technique:

In this technique you directly inhale straight into your lungs as you draw on the ecig equipment, similar to how you normally smoke cigarettes. Many vapers find this method to be difficult as they seal their lips around the tip of the device which restricts the airflow. This is an ideal method which gives you a sensation similar to that of smoking a tobacco cigarette. On the negative side this method can sometime be harsh with liquids that have a throat hit due to high nicotine or high PG levels. Just be cautious not to draw too hard, sometimes it might give you a straw like effect with e-liquid in your mouth.

The French Inhale Technique:

This is a cool technique. Simply take a nice deep hit and then slowly open your mouth letting the smoke flow gently. Slightly inhale the smoke through your nose. If this goes well then the smoke will gradually flow out of your mouth and directly into your nose.

These are some of the commonly used technique for vaping. What is your favourite technique? Share your thoughts on your favourite technique.

Benefits of Switching to Vaping

You would have heard many benefits of switching to vaping and turning down on traditional smoking. Ever wondered how quickly you can experience the benefits and feel the real effects of turning down those stinky smoking sticks? Check out the below Vaping Timeline which details how e-cigarette can swiftly make a huge difference in your life within hours.

Vaping Timeline

Tobacco smoke contains around 5,000 chemical compounds and at least 250 of them are harmful and dangerous to your health. Over 43 of those compounds are carcinogenic. Elimination of Smoking will see your body experience an instant reaction which will be clearly evident. The carbon monoxide level in your blood will drop by half and oxygen level in your blood returns to normal within just 8 hrs of refraining from lighting up.  You will notice significant improvement in breathing after three to five days as your lungs will relax giving you a surge of energy and increase in general activity levels. If you continue to vape for years, you drastically reduce the risk of heart attack and lung cancer.

With Soulblu, making a safer option is easier than you think. You have over 100+ flavours to choose from. Enjoy the top quality and best tasting e-liquid in the market. Shop Online today!



Vaper’s Tongue: Is it something real? Learn why this happens and how you can fix it.



Ever wondered vaping your favourite eliquid flavour and suddenly noticed you don’t like it anymore? Or perhaps there is a gradual decrease in e-liquid flavour intensity?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Like many vapers out there, you are experiencing a common phenomenon known as olfactory fatigue.

This article will discuss about the cause and remedy that can guide you to overcome tasteless vaping and enjoy electronic cigarette.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Although it is referred to as Vaper’s Tongue, it has got nothing to do with tongue or the taste buds. Your tongue can identify five different taste: sourness, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness and umami (a savoury taste). Your tongue cannot distinguish flavours. That is done by the olfactory sensor located at the top of your nasal passage. This sensor is responsible for different perception of flavours.

When your olfactory sensor is exposed to same smell over and over again, it becomes fatigue and stop responding to that particular smell. When you vape the same flavoured eliquid every day, at one point you may find it tasteless. This is just not confined to vaping, but to other senses too and that’s the psychology of taste and smell.

How to Fix this Problem?

 This is pretty simple, reset your olfactory sensor. See below:

The most commonly used method when we try to smell different perfumes, before settling down to one that we like from a store. Smelling Coffee Beans to reset the sense of smell is a way to keep a check on your olfactory sensor, though some experts consider this as mythical.

e-liquid flavours

Try switching your flavours once in a while to avoid any decrease in sense of smell. Secondly, you have 100+ flavours to vape around, so why not give it a go.

Some suggest, brushing your teeth and tongue is a good idea to alleviate any build upon your tongue.

Some vapers also suggest that gargling or rinsing your mouth with minty mouthwash or saltwater can help restore the taste.

Drinking water and staying hydrated can help prevent olfactory fatigue.


So next time when you feel your flavour is tasteless, try the above solutions.

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E – Cigarette Smokers Less Exposed to Carbon Monoxide

Even if it is only for a small period of time, according to British study, smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes can experience a dramatic reduction in exposing themselves to toxic air pollutants such as acrolein and carbon monoxide.

Researchers suggested e-cigarettes to 40 smokers who wanted to quit smoking. After a month, about sixteen participants using only electronic cigarettes had about 80% drop in exposure to Carbon monoxide and acrolein, a harmful products also found in few e-cig vapor. Acrolein can cause irritation to exposed tissues and can even destroy cilia.

The remaining participants who swapped some regular smoking to electronic version experienced 52% and 60% decline in exposure to carbon monoxide and acrolein respectively.

To get the most benefit, smokers will have to give up traditional smoking completely and switch to e-cigarettes says Dr. Hayden McRobbie of Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine At Queen Mary University of London.

While tobacco control fears that e-cig may pave way to a new generation of nicotine addict who will eventually transit to conventional smoking, current studies indicate that this device might benefit the health of people who already smoke.

Soulblu supports this view on electronic cigarette where the individual can reduce their exposure to harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide and acrolein which causes damage to the person smoking as well as people in their surroundings.

To read the complete story click here:

E-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco: UK study

According to a recent study by Britain’s Department of Health, electronic cigarettes are almost 95% less harmful than tobacco and must be promoted to smokers to quit smoking. E-cigs are not completely risk free but the level of damage caused in terms of active and passive smoking is predominantly less when compared to Conventional smoking. E-cigarettes is already popular and is considered as a cheap way to reduce smoking in developed Countries like US, UK and Australia.

The chemicals that cause smoking related diseases are not present in e-cigarettes and the study suggests that electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful to health than smoking. The public health England study criticises media for projecting e-cigarette more harmful than tobacco smoking which could lead as a gateway to teenagers.

There is no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarette results in decline of smoking rates, though they are found to be an alternative to quit smoking. Many experts suggests that “smokers should try vaping, and vapers should stop smoking entirely”.

Soulblu join hands with UK study and considers that electronic cigarettes are less unsafe when compared to tobacco smoking. Vaping is the best alternative for chain smokers as it reduces the harmful effect and gives way to quit smoking.

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Stronger NZ Nicotine Vaping Restrictions?

New Zealand is now under fire from the health department and has been urged to consider restricting the sales of nicotine e-vaporisers (electronic cigarettes) exclusively to pharmacies.

Both the CDC and the  health promotion agency have claimed that the number of adolescence vaping nicotine e liquid has almost tripled in the past two years and that they fear that electric  cigarettes are becoming a gateway to being addicted to nicotine or to smoking.

There are many options that the health department are suggesting such as banning the use of vaping in all areas that are cigarette free, even the need to require a doctors certificate to purchase any vaporiser with nicotine. However what the health department is not telling the public is that the 2014 National Youth Tobacco Study, as it is officially known, reveals that 13.4 percent of high school students reported using an e-cigarette at least once within the past month. That’s up from 4.5 percent the previous year, and at the same time, there was a historic drop in the smoking of traditional cigarettes: from 12.7 percent of high schoolers saying they had smoked in the last 30 days in 2013, to just 9.2 percent in 2014.

We at Soulblu do not support or encourage the use of e-cigarettes in individuals younger than 18 however, If the health department is truly concerned for the health of this generations youth then placing stronger restrictions will only worsen the situation.

For more information please visit the link below where The New Zealand

Check out this story from the NZ Herald iPhone App

Are E-cigarettes a real fire hazard?

Once again the press in Australia has attacked the e-cig community. This time they have based their negative propaganda in a United Kingdom fire hazard report. Electronic devices in general are known to be a risk if not used, maintained and charged as per manufacturer’s recommendations. But as a responsible supplier Soulblu has taken a step further to increase its Electrical Safety having its electronic devices C-tick approved by Australian Government.

Once again the mainstream press has collected some data about electronic cigarettes and used it to write scary and shocking headlines that their readers will see as intimidating and will portray e-cig use in a bad light once more. Sadly the articles don’t reveal a comparison with the alarming amount of fires related to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Main news headings about e cigarettes include:

“E-Cigarette Danger: Fire Officers Issue Safety Guidelines After Rise in Fires”,

“E-cig charging devices now start one fire each week”,

“Surely only a fool would mess with these potentially home-threatening devices”

“You’d have to be mental to be a vaper”

These are just some of the horrible headlines being displayed in the UK headlines.

According to The Daily Mail stated “Electronic cigarettes have been to more than 100 fires, new figures reveal”. This is a case for fire services in the UK with data showing that the fire department has attended 113 calls to incidents related to electronic cigarettes however this is over a two year period.

Given that the fire statistics were taken over a 12 month reporting period below are some figures which clearly suggest that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

  • The total adult population of the UK was 52,085,000.
  • 20% of the adult population smokes cigarettes making the smoking population 10,417,000.
  • Fires related to traditional cigarettes were far less than those caused by Cigarettes.
  • 2,100,000 electronic cigarettes users in the UK.
  • Fires related to e-cigarettes in a single year was 57 with a total of 1 fatality.

This is proof that vaping is a much safer alternative to cigarettes in relation to house fires. This is one more reason to promote vaping, as switching to e-cigarettes will reduce the number of fatalities from house fires.

At Soulblu our batteries and chargers are Australian certified, the Australian government requires that all local or imported produced electrical and electronic equipment comply with electromagnetic compatibility emission requirements. A compliant product must bear the C-Tick logo.

We at Soulblu provide quality products which when used correctly and maintained will not cause fires so that you can feel safe and comfortable when using our products. For your peace of mind and to minimise your risk, always ask your supplier for the C-tick approval.


Today 14th November 2014 The Age Newspaper published an article about flavoured e cigarettes being marketed  and sold over the counter to children in Victoria Australia. Reason why Control Policy Manager of Quit Victoria would  like to see the sale of Electronic Cigarettes banned outright.

Lolly flavoured e-cigarettes are appealing to any age group, not only to the under aged. In fact most lolly flavoured products are appealing to any age group. Vitamins and Flu Syrups for adults, even Water are available at Supermarkets and Chemist in different fruit and lolly flavours, not only to reach children population, but to suit adults preferences.

Are Vanilla flavoured Pregnancy Vitamins also considered a health issue for children? should they not be sold over the counter? 

If other more addictive, dangerous, high health concerning substances like alcohol, tobacco and sugar products have not been banned, why ban Electronic Cigarettes? A product which only contains, USP grade propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerine and food grade ingredients. These are commonly found in products available in supermarkets, such as, cosmetics, drinks, sweets, toothpaste, breakfast spreads, just to name few.

Some Australian Government institutions including Quit Victoria and Health Department seem to be on a mission to undermining smokers rights and freedom to let people switch to a safer alternative. Instead of being negative about the safety of Electronic Cigarettes, they should based their statements on hundreds of researches and studies done in America, Europe and New Zealand, which have proved there are a lot of benefits when switching to Vaping e-cigs, instead of smoking.

No matter what age, we all enjoy sweets and treats, and these are all temptations, after all we’re only human. There is no point punishing adult enjoyments because it appeals to under 18′s. We agree on the regulation of prohibiting sale to under 18′s rather than banning a group of flavours.


Through a ridiculous turn of events QLD is looking at becoming the first state in Australia to subject electronic cigarettes to the same laws as traditional tobaccos due to a report by the WHO which presented false dramatic claims about the adverse effects of harmless vapour from e-cigarette use on public health while there is no scientific evidence to support such a claim.

Queensland’s State government wants to amend tobacco laws so that electronic cigarettes can only be used in designated areas, cannot be sold to minors, and cannot be advertised or publicly displayed, like regular cigarettes, the Tobacco Act will not ban the devices outright but will subject them to strict restrictions.

The amendment follows the release of a World Health Organization report last month which claims that there was insufficient evidence that electronic cigarettes help people to quit smoking tobacco, even though there are thousands of ex smokers around the world who found hope on e cigarettes after trying other sort of FDA/TGA Approved Smoking Solutions without any luck.

The report implied e-cigarette use in youth is a major problem and could be acting as a gateway to smoking, they said, when in fact current use by non-smokers is extremely rare and youth smoking rates are declining.

The report supported that bystanders can inhale significant levels of toxins from the e cigs vapour, when the reality is that toxins in e cigarette vapour is the same as those present in normal human breath.

The report gave the impression that evidence suggests e-cigarettes make it more difficult for people to stop smoking, when the opposite is true, the experts said.

It was also claimed that exposure to nicotine had the potential to affect brain development, liquid nicotine which is used in some electronic cigarettes is already illegal in Queensland, however the claim had not stated whether they were referring to pure 100% nicotine or diluted (under 2%) nicotine e-liquid, which is harmless.

Lawrence Springborg, Queensland’s Health Minister has introduced the amendment bill into Parliament, with the suggested changes to laws to come into effect from January 1, 2015. “This early, preventative action addresses public health concerns about these products including their use in smoke-free places, the unknown health effects of use and exposure, and potential for a new market of smoking,” Mr. Springborg said in a statement.

Mr. Springborg said that “evidence regarding the short and long term health effects of direct or second hand inhalation of vapor from electronic cigarettes was still in development.”

To the vaping community of QLD these new laws are unfair and unjust. It is time for common sense and science to prevail over politics, bulling and intimidation tactics. There is a lot of scientific evidence, coming from health experts, health organizations and scientists which prove the vapour produced from Electronic Cigarettes is harmless, yet the Queensland government has no evidence to prove the opposite and still want to ban its use in public places.

How can you help? If you are a QLD resident and would like to see these new laws opposed as we do please sign the following petition by clicking the following link and signing your name.

Western Australia Bans e-Cigarettes!

Australian Vaping community is in outrage since the Cancer Council of Western Australia has taken legal action against a product which is known to be 100-1000 times safer than tobacco cigarettes.

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