1. What is an Electronic Cigarette?


e Cigarettes are a battery powered device that look like a cigarette.

e Cigs deliver a odorless vapor.

e Cigarettes provide the flavor and a physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke.

eCigs do not contain the 4000+ chemicals found on traditional cigarettes.

No nicotine, tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved.

2. How do eCigs work?


Ecigarette work

Our improved and simplified 2 pieces e Cigarettes are made up of cartomiser (in-built atomizer) and a battery, offering better vapor production and efficiency.

The cartridge contains the e liquid (water + PG propylene glycol or VG vegetable glycerin + food flavoring).

Inhaling at the cartridge mouthpiece activates a small switch (regulated by a microship) located in the battery (delivering power to the in-built atomizer), which rapidly heats up the e liquid turning it into vapor.

3. Can I vape e-Cigs anywhere?


E-cigarettes are not considered smoking, therefore they can be legally used in most places where smoking is unwelcome, including coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, hotel-rooms, etc. But while other people get used to e Cigarettes, you must be discrete.

At the time of writing there are no legal restrictions on the use of the electronic cigarettes. There may, however, be internal company policies. Before using the electronic cigarette at work be sure to check with your management first. Also explain that the e-cigarette is legal to use indoors, does not produce smoke and carries no risk of second-hand smoke.  These are being used in pubs, workplaces and on planes – obviously there may be times when you would have to explain that it “is not a cigarette it’s a vaporizer.” “And I’m not smoking I’m vaping”

4. I got my first e-Cigs Kit, what should I do?


You can read the instruction manual contained on the box you received from us, or see .pdf file on product page of the kit you purchased.

vaping is a bit different from smoking, you need to draw slowly and lightly.

Unlike cigarettes, a hard puff is not going to increase vapour production. Fill your mouth slowly, it can take from 3-5 seconds, inhale and immediately exhale. Sometimes you may need to take a couple primer puffs to get the flow going.

With just a little practice you’ll be blowing out big clouds of vapour that will evaporate in seconds, leaving no smell on your hair, clothes or surroundings.

5. Why should I choose Soulblu?


Because Soulblu is an Australian owned and operated company.

With Soulblu you choose excellent quality, service support and variety.

Soulblu offers an unparallel service before and after sales, with support via face to face, phone, email or online chat.

Our eCigarettes are easy to use two part cigarette. Soulblu only supply Cartomisers, which is a better technology. You won’t have to mess around with atomisers and cartridge.

Soulblu offers 12 month guarantee for any rechargeable cases.

Soulblu products are not the cheapest but they are the best in Australian market.

9. Can I choose to refill my own Cartomisers?


Yes, you can. When you switch to electronic cigarettes this is what we recommend: try different flavours, so you do not get used to the same, therefore you do not feel like going back to traditional cigarettes. We offer a good variety of flavoured eLiquids.

You need to get some refillable/empty cartomisers and a refill kit.

10. What is the difference between cartomisers?


There are prefilled cartomisers and refillable cartomisers.

Prefilled Cartomisers: are full of eliquids and they can’t be refilled once they are empty. They come in 5 different flavours depending on the eCigarette model: Menthol, Tobacco, Cappuccino, Chocolate, WIN and MLB.

Refillable Cartomisers: they are empty and can be refilled up to 1o times with any eliquid of your choice and once they are full, they can last about 30 traditional cigarettes (it all depend on how much you smoke).

Small Cartomisers: They normally last about 15-20 traditional cigarettes (it all depend on how much you smoke).

Large Cartomisers: They normally last about 25-30 traditional cigarettes (it all depend on how much you smoke).

11. What flavours should I start on?


If you are buying a complete starter kit you will find that can choose from 5-7 different flavours of cartomisers. We recommend trying a flavour relatively similar to what you are smoking at the moment: Tobacco or Menthol; and see if that flavour suit your habits.

Also, you should have at least two flavours different from your favourite, as if you only have your favourite all the time you will not get satisfied in times of stress and you won’t have anything to fall back on.

12. What is the length of a Electronic Cigarette?


The length of an eCigarettes can vary depending on the model:

Soulblu Resolution II ecigarette:  from tip of small cartomizer to end of battery 100mm/10cm

Soulblu Caballero II ecigarette: from tip of XL cartomizer to end of battery 138mm/13.8cm

13. How long does a battery last for?


It depends on the eCigarette model that you choose, as well as your smoking habits. As a new user you will find yourself vaping 3 to 4 times more than you would smoke a tobacco cigarette, but over a short period of time and as you adapt to the change, the use of eCigarettes will normalise, therefore the batteries will last longer.

Australian battery: last 1 to 2 hrs of continuous vaping.

Ultra battery: last 1 to 1.5 hrs of continuous vaping. Rechargeable in the u-pack.

Endurance battery: 2 to  3 hrs of continuous vaping. Rechargeable in the u-pack.

Bloody Ripper battery: 12  to 15 hrs of continuous vaping.

14. Is it really just like smoking and is there any smoke involved?


NEARLY, it looks like smoke and delivers a similar sensation as smoke.

The eLiquid contained in the cartomisers is made from the same ingredientes used in stage smoke (PG & VG liquids), which can still produce that kick in the back of your throat as if you were smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, when you use eCigarettes there is not combustion involved, because it is just water vapour what you exhale, which is why regular users call “vaping” to the action of smoking eCigarettes.

According to scientists, combustion is responsible for nearly all the harm caused by smoking.

15. Do e Cigarettes really have no offensive smell or not smell at all?


No, not at all. The sensation is the same, the smell is not! Your clothes will not reek of smoke – and neither will you.

Customers feedback indicates that after a while vaping eCigarettes:
Their sense of smell improved,
Their families and friend did not notice any smell on them,
When vaping in public, people did not noticed the smell and if any, it was not offensive.

“The majority of our customers have also indicated that their general health, smoker’s cough, ability to exercise, sense of smell and sense of taste were better since starting to use e-cigarettes.”

When vaping our e-liquids many of the flavour have no smell at all or smell as they are stated on the bottle like menthol, raspberry ect without the foul smell of tobacco.

16. What does it taste like?


The taste depends on what flavours you Vape. e.g. if your decide to vape a strawberry eLiquid, then it will taste like strawberry; if you vape a chocolate eLiquid, then it will taste like chocolate. Not too complicated!

17. Are eCigarettes safe?


That’s really the wrong question. The question should be is it safer than smoking?

Experts believe that e-cigarettes are in the region of 99% safer than tobacco cigarettes, and that the risk that remains is similar to that of drinking coffee. As for carcinogens, FDA research has revealed that there are more carcinogens in peanut butter than there are in e-cigarettes. And 1400 times less than there are in a regular cigarettes.
Here’s what some scientists and experts say:
Professor Carl Phillips:

“The health benefits of switching are almost exactly the same as the health benefits of quitting…”
Siegel and Cahn (in a conclusion to an analysis is 19 different studies into e-cigarettes:)

“They [electronic cigarettes] are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes.”
Dr Murray Laugensen of Health New Zealand stated after conducting research on the Ruyan electronic cigarettes:

We would rate the Ruyan electronic cigarette two to three orders of magnitude safer (100 to 1000 times safer) than a tobacco cigarette. We say this because our testing of the Ruyan e-cigarette for nearly 60 major toxicants has not found any cigarette smoke toxicants in any but trace quantity so far. This is not surprising, as the operating temperature of the atomiser of an e-cigarette is 5 to 10% that of a burning tobacco cigarette, so the volatile cigarette smoke toxicants are not created.
Dr Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians:

“…we have every reason to believe that the hazard posed by e-cigarettes would be much lower than one percent of the hazard posed by cigarettes.”
David Sweanor, former advisor to the WHO on tobacco control:

“If there is anyone who believes cigarettes are no more hazardous than e-cigarettes I’d recommend a remedial course in basic sciences.”

18. Will it help me to quit smoking?


Electronic cigarette are not approved to be a cessation aid.

Although our cartomisers and eLiquids do not contain nicotine, extensive researches done in New Zealand has shown that electronic cigarette containing Nicotine, can both help increase the level of nicotine in smokers’ blood and reduce cravings.

There is also speculation that the placebo effect of having a device to put, hold and suck has a placebo effect in smokers.

Although the real test of a cessation aid is whether it can help you to quit over the long term; at the moment eCigarettes just remains as an alternative to cigarettes which means you can smoke anywhere, save money and smell good if you choose too.

19. Is there any danger to passive smokers?


There is no smoke produced by the electronic cigarette, only vapour.

Here are some of the comments made by some scientists and experts, which imply that there is little or no danger related to passive vaping.

  Professor Brad Rodu: “Claiming that e-cigarettes are dangerous for non-smokers is about as credible as claiming that air travel is dangerous for people who never set foot in an airplane.”

  Professor Michael Siegel: “The nicotine exposure from the exhaled vapor produced by the vapor is likely to be extremely small and there is no reason to think that it poses a danger for nonsmokers.

  Dr Murray Laugensen of Health New Zealand research conclusion states:

Results: Cigarette smoke is a mixture of side stream smoke and exhaled mainstream smoke. In contrast, the e-cigarette generates no side stream smoke from its (artificially lit) tip. Any exhaled PG mist visibly dissipates to vapor within seconds. Non-smoking bystanders do not find the mist unpleasant. The mist is odourless, and those close by quickly realize it does not have the odour of smoke or the irritating quality of tobacco cigarette smoke.

Comments: Inhaled nicotine in cigarette smoke is over 98% absorbed 6, and so the exhaled mist of the e-cigarette is composed of propylene glycol, and probably contains almost no nicotine; and no CO. (see Figure 3.5) Lacking any active ingredient or any gaseous products of combustion, the PG mist or ‘smoke’ is not harmful to bystanders. The ‘smoke’ or mist is not tobacco smoke, and not from combustion – no flame is lit –and is not defined as environmental tobacco smoke. E-cigarette “smoking” would be permitted under New Zealand’s Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

“Dr Murray Laugensen research is base on eCigarettes that contain nicotine, however our cartomisers and eliquids do not contain Nicotine”

20. What are the ingredients contained in our cartomisers


The principal ingredients contained in our Electronic Cigarette are PG propylene glycol and VG Vegetable glycerine, which is used to produce stage smoke in theaters, pubs, etc.

According to Dr Murray Laugeson, who analysed the electronic cigarette for Health New Zealand: (“The test were conducted on a cartridge that contained nicotine): Using micro-electronics it vaporizes, separately for each puff, very small quantities of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol, two small well-known molecules with excellent safety profiles, – into a fine aerosol.

Propylene Glycol - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined propylene glycol to be “generally recognized as safe” for use in food, cosmetics, and medicines. It is used in food coloring, and flavoring, as an additive to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist, and in machines that simulate smoke, although usage in simulating smoking devices is not currently included in the list of uses generally recognized as safe by the FDA. In NJOY, propylene glycol functions to provide the vapor mist that looks like smoke and to suspend flavor.

Glycerol (glycerin) – Glycerol is a chemical compound also commonly called glycerin or glycerine. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. For human consumption, glycerol is classified by the FDA among the sugar alcohols as a caloric macronutrient.

21. Are eCigs cheaper? How much money can I save?


Yes, they are a lot cheaper! see detailed calculations on how much you can save

According to our estimates, a person that smokes an average of 25 traditional tobacco cigarettes/day can save up to AUD $4,248.00 per year.

Our calculations are based on average cost of $ 10.50 to $15 a pack of 25 traditional cigarettes.