These FAQs will help beginners understand a bit more about e-cigarettes before they start vaping. If you feel there is much information to read and prefer a quick recommendation about how to get started. Please order our easier to use starter kit soulblu Caballero Lite.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?


The electronic cigarette was invented by chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2004 as an “alternative to smoking cigarettes“. Also know as e-Cigarettes, e-cigs or Vaporisers are a battery powered devices which vaporise a liquid containing safe ingredients such as, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and food flavours, which are commonly found in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The exhaled vapour is odourless, harmless to bystanders and it does not release carbon, toxins and chemicals to the environment. Countries like UK, consider e-cigarette as a “Harm minimisation” device, reason why the Royal Collage of Physicians encourage smokers to try e-cigarettes.

How do e-Cigarettes work?


There have been three generation of e-cigarettes since its invention in 2004, but they all work under the same concept and have the same basic components: a battery and a tank containing an atomiser or coil. When the battery gets activated, it heats up the atomiser inside the tank containing the e-liquid turning it into vapour, which is what you inhale. You don’t light an e-cigarette… you use a battery, You don’t burn tobacco … you heat up an e-liquid You don’t inhale a cocktail of toxins and chemicals … you vape water vapour You don’t SMOKE, … You VAPE.

Can I vape e-Cigs anywhere?


E-cigarettes are not considered smoking, therefore they can be legally used in most places where smoking is unwelcome, including coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, hotel-rooms, etc. Be aware since the 1 August 2017, this laws might change. Before using the electronic cigarette at work be sure to check with your management first. Also explain that the e-cigarette is legal to use indoors, does not produce smoke and carries no risk of second-hand smoke. A lot of people use them in pubs, workplaces and on planes, obviously there may be times when you would have to explain that it “is not a cigarette it’s a vaporizer.” “And I’m not smoking I’m vaping”

I got my first e-Cigs Kit, what is next?


We strongly recommend you read and follow the instructions included in the box. If you have any question, we will be able to assist you, so please call us 03 9078 0538. Keep in mind before you start vaping: recharge the battery using the chargers provided, refill the tank with the e-liquid and prime the coil. Make sure you take smooth and slow draws. Unlike cigarettes, a hard puff is not going to increase vapour production. Fill your mouth slowly, it can take from 3-5 seconds, inhale and immediately exhale. Sometimes you may need to take a couple primer puffs to get the flow going. With just a little practice you’ll be blowing out big clouds of vapour that will evaporate in seconds, leaving no smell on your hair, clothes or surroundings.

Why Soulblu?


Soulblu has been serving vaping communities Australia wide for more than five (5) years, giving us the experience and knowledge to match our customers profile with the most suitable e-cigarette and e-liquid flavour strengths. Soulblu is an Australian owned company, operating business from Melbourne Victoria and offering the best service to walk-in customers as well as, via phone, email or live chat. Soulblu supplies Australia Made eliquids by an Australian Manufacturer which complies with ISO 9001:2008 for its high quality standards and quality management system. Soulblu eliquid are made with pharma grade ingredients in a proper laboratory following standardised processes and procedures. From a huge range of different products and manufacturers, Soulblu chooses the most popular and safer e-cigarettes, not without testing them for electrical safety, durability and design.

What is the best e-cig for social or lite smokers?


You are consider a lite smokers if you don’t smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day. Our best recommendation is to get a Soulblu Caballero lite ($65.00) or Soulblu Caballero II ($90) starter packs. Soulblu Caballero are smaller and easier to use compared to MODs. The battery and a full tank are designed to last the whole day without interruptions. Stock up of spare coils ($4.8 each), as you will be changing them fortnightly.

What is the best e-cig for heavy smokers?


You are consider a heavy smoker, if you smoke more than 15 cigarettes daily. In that case, we recommend to start with Soulblu Speedy 50W, or Soulblu Road Runner 70W, as they are really easy and safe to use and also contain everything you need to start vaping.

Are e-cigarettes hard to use and maintain?


No, they are not. However you are required to follow the manufacturer instruction and with a little bit of practice you will be fine. Is always best to get proper advice from us if you are unsure of what to do next or if you did not understand the instructions. Visit our Preston shop, call us 03 9078 0538 or email support@soulblu.com.

What is a tank?


A tank, cartomiser or clearomiser is the canister where you put the e-liquid. They are normally made out of food grade plastic or glass and stainless steel. They can be refilled many times before you dispose them, every 3 month as a general rule or depending how well you maintain them, they can last longer. Whatever type of tank you have, always make sure you stock up with spare coils, as you will need to replace them fortnightly or when it vapes taste burnt.

What is a Coil?


A coil, coil head or atomiser is made out of a small resistance, cotton, wicking material and metal, normally stainless steel or Titanium, Nickel or Kanthal, depending on the manufacturer and type of coils. Coils have different resistances depending on the brand and manufacturer of the tank, and each of them have a recommended range of wattage for safety purposes, best flavour and thicker vapour. Most common resistances vary between 0.3Ohms to 2.1Ohms. Be aware, resistance and wattage are inversely proportional, which means: If you have tanks with small resistance coils, run the MOD at a higher wattage, If you have tanks with bigger resistance coils, run the MOD at a lower wattage.

What is an e-liquid?


E-liquids, e-juices or oils are a mixture of three safe ingredients: propylene glycol PG, vegetable glycerine VG and food flavourings, which are safe and commonly found in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Different manufacturers have different ratios of PG/VG, ours is 55/45. Higher VG e-liquids produce more vapour, on the other hand, higher PG e-liquids give stronger throaty hit. Higher than 80% VG e-liquids are quite thick and hard to vape, while higher than 60% PG can be too thin and hardly produce any vapour.

What e-liquid flavour to choose?


We recommend trying flavours relatively similar to the cigarettes you currently smoke: tobacco, WIN, MLB, Ben&H, alpines, Dave off, Drummy rollie. Trying at least two more non-tobacco flavours is a good idea, so you don’t get bored of the same and develop vapers tongue, losing the ability to taste an e-liquid flavour.

How often do I charge my e-cigs battery?


It depends on the e-cigarette brand, as well as, your vaping style. Longer draws and more frequent vaping will drain the battery quicker. We recommend charging the batteries at night before you sleep, so next day is fully charged to last the day.

Does vaping feel and taste like smoking?


Nearly!. Vaping mimics the hand to mouth action like smoking a cigarette, the harmless vapour resemble the smoke and the flavours can be very close to many tobacco cigarette brands, but without the burning background taste and bad smell. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, when you vape an e-cigarette there is not combustion involved, therefore no harm to bystanders. According to scientists, combustion is responsible for nearly all the harm caused by smoking.

Do e-Cigarettes smell like smoking?


No, not at all. The sensation is the same, the smell is not! Your clothes will not reek of smoke – and neither will you. Your will experience positive changes once you switch to e-cigarettes: -         Your sense of smell will be back to normal in under a month, -         you, your clothes, hair, mouth will no longer smell like an ashtray, -         People will not mind if you vape near them, as the smell is not offensive. The smell of vaping is not offensive, and normally smell as stated on the bottle. For example, vaping a menthol e-liquid smell like mint; vaping a raspberry, melon, banana smell like the fruits and some tobacco don’t even like the foul smell of tobacco.

What does it taste like?


The taste depends on what flavours you Vape. So, if you decide to vape a strawberry e-Liquid, then it will taste like strawberry; if you vape a chocolate e-Liquid, then it will taste like chocolate. Not too complicated!

Are e-cigarettes safer than smokes?


Yes, they are. Experts believe that e-cigarettes are in the region of 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. There are four ingredients in the e-liquids: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water and food flavours, which are also the base ingredients of many other products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Since its invention in 2004, there has not been any death related to e-cigarettes, or proven evidence that they can cause harm to bystanders. In fact, air pollution from a busy street might contain more harmful particles and chemicals than e-cig vapours. Here’s what some scientists and experts say: “The health benefits of switching are almost exactly the same as the health benefits of quitting…” Professor Carl Phillip “… They [electronic cigarettes] are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes.” Siegel and Cahn (in a conclusion to an analysis is 19 different studies into e-cigarettes) “… We would rate the Ruyan electronic cigarette two to three orders of magnitude safer (100 to 1000 times safer) than a tobacco cigarette. We say this because our testing of the Ruyan e-cigarette for nearly 60 major toxicants has not found any cigarette smoke toxicants in any but trace quantity so far. This is not surprising, as the operating temperature of the atomiser of an e-cigarette is 5% to 10% that of a burning tobacco cigarette, so the volatile cigarette smoke toxicants are not created. Dr Murray Laugensen of Health New Zealand stated after conducting research on the Ruyan electronic cigaretteS. “…we have every reason to believe that the hazard posed by e-cigarettes would be much lower than one percent of the hazard posed by cigarettes.” Dr Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians. “If there is anyone who believes cigarettes are no more hazardous than e-cigarettes I’d recommend a remedial course in basic sciences.” David Sweanor, former advisor to the WHO on tobacco control.

Will e-cigarettes help me to quit smoking?


Unfortunately Electronic cigarette are not approved to be a cessation product or quitting aid in Australia, so we have to be very cautious choosing the words to market them. However, other countries like United Kingdom, encourage smokers to switch to vaping, as they are 95% safer and up to 35% more effective than other nicotine replacement therapies. Since we opened our Soulblu Preston store in 2012 we have helped thousands of smokers to start using e-cigarettes, and most of them do not smoke right now. The most common feedback we receive from heavy smokers is: “I wish I’ve known about e-cigarettes before. I started feeling the benefits the first week: I can breathe, I feel fitter, I don’t wake up coughing my lungs at night or snore like I used to, I can taste food better, I don’t smell like an ashtray, my health and finances have improved a lot since I started using e-cigarettes.

Is there any danger to passive smokers?


No, there is not. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke, combustion or carbon. So, bystanders will not get affected by the water vapour released by e-cigarettes. The vapour released by e-cigarette is the same released by smoking machine on stage, which is also harmless. These ar some of the comments made by some scientists and experts, which imply that there is little or no danger related to passive vaping. …”Claiming that e-cigarettes are dangerous for non-smokers is about as credible as claiming that air travel is dangerous for people who never set foot in an airplane.”   Professor Brad Rodu. “The nicotine exposure from the exhaled vapor produced by the vapor is likely to be extremely small and there is no reason to think that it poses a danger for nonsmokers.   Professor Michael Siegel  Dr Murray Laugensen of Health New Zealand research conclusion states: … “Results: Cigarette smoke is a mixture of side stream smoke and exhaled mainstream smoke. In contrast, the e-cigarette generates no side stream smoke from its (artificially lit) tip. Any exhaled PG mist visibly dissipates to vapor within seconds. Non-smoking bystanders do not find the mist unpleasant. The mist is odourless, and those close by quickly realize it does not have the odour of smoke or the irritating quality of tobacco cigarette smoke. Comments: Inhaled nicotine in cigarette smoke is over 98% absorbed 6, and so the exhaled mist of the e-cigarette is composed of propylene glycol, and probably contains almost no nicotine; and no CO. (see Figure 3.5) Lacking any active ingredient or any gaseous products of combustion, the PG mist or ‘smoke’ is not harmful to bystanders. The ‘smoke’ or mist is not tobacco smoke, and not from combustion – no flame is lit –and is not defined as environmental tobacco smoke. E-cigarette “smoking” would be permitted under New Zealand’s Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

What are the ingredients contained in our E-liquids?


The principal ingredients contained in our Electronic Cigarette are PG propylene glycol and VG Vegetable glycerine, which is used to produce stage smoke in theatres, pubs, etc. According to Dr Murray Laugeson, who analysed the electronic cigarette for Health New Zealand: (“The test were conducted on a cartridge that contained nicotine): Using micro-electronics it vaporizes, separately for each puff, very small quantities of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol, two small well-known molecules with excellent safety profiles, – into a fine aerosol. Propylene Glycol - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined propylene glycol to be “generally recognized as safe” for use in food, cosmetics, and medicines. It is used in food coloring, and flavoring, as an additive to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist. Glycerol (glycerine) – Glycerol is a chemical compound also commonly called glycerin or glycerine. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. For human consumption, glycerol is classified by the FDA among the sugar alcohols as a caloric macronutrient.

Are e-cigarettes cheaper? How much money can I save?


Yes, they are a lot cheaper! You can save more than $9,000 once you switch to vaping. To be more specific: -         Smoking costs average: $10,000 a year, while vaping costs less than $1,000 a year. Our calculations are based on an average smoker of a pack of cigarette a day.