SB5 coil head

Coil Head for SB5 Clearomiser


Coil Head replacement for SB5 0mg nicotine refillable Clearomisers.

Replace coil head once a week, when SB5 clearomiser stop producing vapour or a slightly burn taste appears while vaping.

Spec: 2.6 to 2.8 ohms.

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Product Description

Replacement coil head for SB5 Clearomisers. Recommended to replace every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the PG/VG ratio, viscosity and colour of e-liquid, how much you vape/refill your SB5 clearomiser a day, and how long and deep you puffs are everytime you vape.

The following questions will help you decide when your coil head is in need of replacing:

  • Is there a burnt taste?
  • Has the amount of vapour been reduced?
  • Is the e-Liquid turning darker in colour?

If you answered yes to any of these Soulblu recommends changing your coil head. See image below to replace Coil SB5 Clearomiser:



Coil Head for SB5 Clearomiser

Coil Head for SB5 Clearomiser

The SB5 refillable clearomiser need to be Empty before you replace the old coil head with a new one.

1. Unscrew the bottom base from the clear tank (tube),

2. Unscrew the old coil head from the SB5 base,

3. Wash the tank removing any residues of e-liquids with warm water under the tap. Do not get coil head replacement wet.

4. Place SB5 tank (tube) and SB5 bottom treated base on a dry surface, until dry (See image).

5. Screw the new coil head to the bottom treated base,

6. Screw together the tank to the bottom treaded base.

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