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Coil Jig for DIY Coil Head

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Coil Jig for building coil heads for RDA (iTaste VF Rebuildable Coil)

Note: DIY coils are only suitable for RDA rebuildable systems. Not recommended for other clearomisers such as: SB5, iclear 30s, Nautilus Mini or Gladius coil heads.

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Product Description

Instruction how to make your own coils

1. Once you have chosen your desired peg size and secured it in place with the thumb screw. You can then pull a length of Kanthal from your roll, pulling through enough to make your coil, and secure one end under the top shoulder screw.

2. Holding the Jig in one hand you can wrap the Kanthal tightly around the peg, without having to secure the other end of the wire.

3. Once you have wrapped the coil the desired amount of times, and squeezed your coil together with a pair of tweezers.  You can simply snip the secured end of the wire.

4. Loosen off the thumb screw holding the peg in place and simply slide out the peg, leaving the coil on it.

5. Leave a short section of Kanthal left on the jig.

6. Lay the peg across your RDA (itaste VF rebuildable) deck whilst you attach the coil tails, whilst holding the coil securely in place on peg. Once fitted, simply slide the peg out.

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