Bruce Ferguson

Taken From Soulblu Facebook:Hi , I have been using your e liquids happily for months.

Lina Spectacula

Taken from Soulblu Facebook: Hello lovely people. I came across this case report you might be interested in. http://www.jmedicalcasereports.com/content/5/1/585 Published December 2011. And of course I too am a success story! Have been smoke and nicotine free for over 3 months now with the assistance of your product. Woohoo!! Thank you! I'm paying it forward by spreading the word amongst my friends.   PS. Pam and Phil, you guys are so nice and great with the customer service...it really does make a difference - good on you!


Lucy Di Giulio

Taken from Soulblu Facebook: Finally found a store nearby that sells great e cigs! woohoo! Lovely people to deal with, very helpful. Love my purchase. Now I can still enjoy a cigi with my morning coffee without the harmful chemicals. Well on my way to becoming a non smoker! Well sort of...... lol Thanks guys!

Rachel Maruff

Taken from Soulblu Facebook: Im so glad I found the E-cig, I've tried so many ways to stop smoking, cold turkey, patches, tablets, chewies & nothing worked till now. I can still enjoy the sense of smoking without all the bad things. Would definately recommend to anyone who wants to give up smoking but enjoys it. RM

Scekar Valadian

Last week when i made the order on Thursday it arrived on Friday afternoon. how happy was I. I did damage one of my batteries but now i have 4. so i can constantly vape with out waiting to recharge. and the USB chargers are fantastic. i will send you a photo later of my kit i have at home. i have the charging case, to USB chargers, refillable cartomisers and prefilled cartomisers. and the best thing is i still have $100.00 in the bank because i don't buy smokes... :-) I will be putting all photos on Facebook and hope to get my smoking friends to get in contact with you.. yep i will say "speak to Pam online or by phone."  i will put my vapor kit online because i am Proud of this device. thank you Pam, i feel really really happy with your service and my kit. i simply love it.. chat with you soon when i make another order..! - Scekar

Arden Rix

Hi Phil, Thank you for the eCig products you supply, I struggled for years trying to quit Smoking (40 - 50 per day), tried patches and for me I may as well have used Scotch Tape, then I came across your Soulblu website a few months ago, purchased your eCig liquid plus the eCig kit and I haven't smoked a Cigarette in over 4 months and don't want to as the eCig product is all I'll ever need. When I went for a Medical 2 weeks ago it was great to be able to say "No I don't Smoke anymore, I quit 4 months ago", it amazes me that the Medical profession hasn't embraced eCigs as yet!
Thanks heaps,
Arden Rix.

John Nicholson

I used to smoke 3 x 50gram packs of tobacco a week cost approx $111 per week $444 per month. Not anymore I now have eCigs from Soublu I feel healthier I sleep better I have lost the wheeze I have had for 30 years I love them

Michael Bloch

I am completely amazed. After nearly 3 decades of non-stop heavy smoking, I was incapable of going without a tobacco cigarette for even a few hours; but from the moment I used SoulBlu's e-cigarette products I haven't touched one since, nor have I felt the need to smoke again. I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager and I'll save at least $5,000 in the next twelve months. What I thought to be beyond impossible for me just a couple of weeks ago is now a reality. Every smoker in the world needs to know about SoulBlu

PennyLane Handley

Phil just wanted to leave a quick note and thank you for all your help starting out. My husband and I are 3 months smoke free, saved $1100 a month and are living healthier lives so we can be around longer for our kids. We tried everything to quit, between hubby and I we tried the patch, the gum, the inhalers, no nicotine cigarettes and champix not to mention cold turkey. Nothing worked until your wonderful product and without your amazing help we would have probably given up in the first few days there. Thanks ♥

Tina Boulos

Thankyou for your help Philip.......I'm sure my dad will quit smoking with your products!

Leanne Masterson

Hi Phil, Firstly thank you for your help in getting started with your E cigs. Your patience over the phone was great. My husband and I love your product and your customer service is outstanding. We wish you every success and will continue to vape and buy your products as we now know that E cigs really do work.

Shane Rumney

...well tomorrow i start to quit smoking and i'm replacing them with e-cigarettes which i had a try at the shop soulblu in preston pam and phil are the owners and i tell ya what i have had that good service in yrs he sat me down let me try 5 or so different flovours didn't rush and was happy to chat while we puffed away unfortunately you carn't get it with the nicotine in it and you have to import it which the are happy to do big thumbs up for pam and phil at soulblu

Buddy Kabbout

You Phil, are the definition of "service", I got a call from my brother, He is also very happy with the e Liquids and service. Your e juices flavours are quite unique and there are a lot of people who crave something different. I hope Soulblu get a bit of business from places such as USA/UK and from people I've been talking to about your Electronic Cigarettes. Your prices are very reasonable and the New Zealand conection offers people a choice as individuals, good job and well done. Looking forward to my next visit and as always.. Vape On. Regards,

Anna Lynch

I purchased the Soulblu Starter kit. It's working for me!!! I'm just having a puff or two each day, and I'm not smoking anymore. It's been nearly a week and today is the first day without any nicotine at all!! go me, yay me!


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