Why Australians trust Soulblu E Cigarette

Soulblu Electronic Cigarette and premium quality e liquids are known to be Australia #1 “One Stop” online and front shop vape store since 2011. Smokers and Vapers (e-cigarettes users) who chose us, are still loyal to Soulblu brand, main reasons include:

Top quality, reliability, longest lifespan


E CigaretteSoulblu only sells products which have been tested, monitored, improved and approved by an Electronic Engineer. Many Soulblu products are designed by us and made by our manufacturer to meet special specifications.

Each Soulblu E cigarette, vaping accessories has 28 days warranty on batteries and chargers, and clear instructions on best operation and maintenance practices to get the longest lifespan for your e-cigs and electronic parts. All items sold are on site tested before delivery or before you leave Soulblu shop.

Electrical Safety approved


E CigaretteSoulblu has been granted an “Australian and New Zealand approval for Electrical Safety”, which you can distinguish on Soulblu Electronic devices, as they are marked with a C-Tick STAMP. Be aware it is not legal to sell or purchase electronics without a C-Tick Approval and certificate for electrical safety. Get the peace of mind you need when you purchase your electronic cigarette, vaporisers.

Australian made and tested e liquids


e cigarette australia

Soulblu only supply e liquids made by Eliquids Australia Pty Ltd an Australian company specialized in manufacturing e juices to be used in electronic cigarettes, vaporisers. Buying our e liquids you get the best, including:

  • Unique customized e liquid flavours,
  • Consistency from batch to batch,
  • Available Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Top quality ingredients from reliable sources,
  • Food grade safe bottles,
  • Child proof and tampered evidence caps,
  • Batch Number for each 0mg nicotine eliquid

Lab manufactured and tested eliquids, following standardized process and procedures, using proper laboratory equipment and machinery.

Physical location in Australia


Electronic CigarettePreston Victoria. Thousands of people in Australia have purchase electronic cigarettes and eliquids from our locations, and now they are tobacco free. At Soulblu you can see, touch and try different Soulblu ecigs, as well as, taste as many flavours as you want before you make your decision to purchase.

Personalized Customer Support


E CigaretteVisit our physical location to discuss about e cigarettes options, prices, technical questions, etc by calling us, chatting with us online, or sending an email. We’ll respond within 24 working hours (otherwise get 50%* discount). We make sure every smoker gets the more suitable electronic cigarette and e-liquids flavours matching their specifics smoking habits to make the switch to Soulblu ecigs an easy journey.

Fast reliable delivery when buying ecigs online


Electronic CigaretteAustralia wide delivery to Melbourne, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Tasmania. When you buy electronic cigarettes and eliquids online, Soulblu orders gets picked, packed and sent to customer within two (2) business days.

Want to visit our SHOP FRONT?

Visit Soulblu Shop Fronts Australia Wide:
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Moorayfield Queensland, Adelaide.
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Soulblu: e cigarette company Australia

About the Company

Soulblu is an Australian owned and operated company. Its electronic cigarettes are compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Standards.read more

We only supply Australian made e liquids, manufactured by Eliquids Australia P/L, which is an Australian company certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System!


Our Philosophy is to help smokers to improve their lifestyle!

Best Quality

Soulblu shops and distributors supply Australian Made and tested e liquids manufactured by “Eliquids Australia pty ltd” an Australian company which has been ISO 9001:2008 certified read more

for its Quality Management System and performing with Strict Quality Standards during manufacturing processes and distribution.

For your peace of mind, all Soulblu electronics have a C-Tick which indicates compliance with the EMC regulatory arrangements and Australian Electrical Safety Standards. The C-Tick label consists of the C-Tick compliance mark and the Supplier Code Number (SCN) as issued by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). The SCN establishes a traceable link between a device and the supplier responsible for placing it on the Australian market.

Our Experiences

After many years smoking more than a pack of 25 cigarettes a day we finally found an Non-Tobacco alternative. That is right: “NO TOBACCO”, but who need the stinky cigarettes when you still can vape clouds of clean vapour which disappear within second leaving no odours or bad breath. I used to change my clothes and brush my teeth before getting home after work, as my partner would not tolerate the stickiness from smoking. Apart from improving my relationship with my wife, e-cigarettes have changed my life for good. I am not going to say I feel 100%, because age is catching up, but switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs has put more years to my life and I feel it everyday when I wake up, eat, exercise, play with my children or perform any activities which requires physical and mental effort. read more

Five years ago e-cigarettes changed our life!

We enjoy vaping while experiencing the hand to mouth action, the great flavour of electronic cigarettes and the socialising side of smoking, all without being exposed to tar, combustion and smelly smoke. Today, after five years smoke-free, customers, family and friends still ask the million dollar question: did you Quit smoking? I simply say: e-cigarettes are not an approved therapeutic product, they are just an alternative to smoking, and that is exactly what I need.

Our Expectation

At Soulblu e cigarettes Australia we want our customers to feel proud of and loyal to our brand “Soulblu”,read more

for which we are constantly improving to provide the best Electronic cigarette design, quality and longer life. We want you to expose with pride a trendy, stylish look and socially responsible product “electronic cigarette”, rather than smoking the unhealthy traditional unpleasant cigarette that damage your health and that of your family and friends.

With our electronic version of non nicotine | tobacco cigarettes, we would like our customers to feel confident, responsible and guilt free by switching to e cigarettes “the real alternative to tobacco”; a product which non-harmful ingredients (Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine) have been studied and resulted 100 – 1,000 times safer than traditional cigarettes (as stated by doctor Murray Laugesen of Health New Zealand). See page 20 on Health New Zealand Report.pdf

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