A Newbies guide

Newbies Guide

Soulblu would like to welcome you to the world of Vaping and electronic cigarettes.

Although you will find many choices on our site and store, you can stick to the following guide to choose the most suitable e-cigarettes based on your personal needs and preferences. Before we present to you our great range of top quality products, we highly recommend you explore the basics about ecigs, electronic cigarettes, vaping, etc.

What e-cigarette does Soulblu recommends for newbies?

Since you have made the right decision to switch to a real Non tobacco alternative known to be 95% safer than smoking, it’s important to choose the right vaping gear including a good starter kit, eliquid flavours and enough vaping consumables. Please be aware, you will invest around $100 to start the journey to a better life, but thereafter you will save at least $750 per month and gain health benefits straight away.



Are you a lite smoker, smoking under 5 cigarettes per day?      

Soulblu Nano II starter kit is the best substitute if you are a social smoker or if you smoke during

the following situations or events: having that cup of tea/coffee during the day, drinking a wine at

night, at a party with friends, after having a big meal, when you feel like holding something in your

hand and puffing away to experience the hand to mouth effect.





Are you a moderate or heavy smoker, smoking 5 to 100 cigarettes per day?

Soulblu Caballero Lite and Aspire CF G-power vape pen e-cigarettes are the best alternative if you

normally smoke 5 to 100 cigarettes per day, not only when socializing, but also when you feel the urge

to smoke few cigarettes (craving) anywhere at any time, specially at work, during working breaks,

while driving, or going through difficult or stressful situations.

Are you looking for great Vapour and more throat hit




No matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day, you can join vaping with the third generation of

Advanced Personal Vaporisers APV straight away. Please be aware operating an APV will demand

more of your time to get your head around some technical concepts, which you can learn from our

sales assistance, manufacturer’s instructions, our website and youtube.

Please be free to contact us if you are not sure how a specific product works, we are happy to help

you any time. Visit our shop in Preston Victoria, call 03 9078 0538, contact us through the online CHAT

or send a contact us FORM.  



Check the different products corresponding to each of the brands we have available:

  •     Soulblu brand
  •     Aspire brand,
  •     Eleaf brand,
  •     Kangertech brand
  •     Smok brand
  •     Sigelei brand
  •     Vaporesso brand
  •     Joyetech brand


If you are still not sure what is the best option for you, you can visit our Soulblu Shop located in Preston - Victoria or call 03 9078 0538.