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Soulblu is an Australian owned company. Being in the market for more than 5 years has given us the ability to better understand and help smokers to make a pleasant transition to Vaping.

We are 100% committed to satisfy the vaping needs of all our customers offering them responsible products, to achieve, we constantly research for new technologies which suits our customers within our own Policies for Safety, High quality and Support.

We are constantly looking for new things which gets our business many steps ahead our e-cigarettes competitors locally and internationally, our main achievement since 2011 include:


  1. Soulblu complies with Australian and New Zealand standards for electrical safety. Unlike other vendors Soulblu worries about the safety of its customers and future of the vaping community and guarantees compliance with local regulations.
  2. Soulblu only sells Australian made and tested e liquids. We have found that most eliquids made overseas contains undesired ingredients which can have negative health implications. Buying from the Australian manufacturer “E-liquids Australia pty ltd” give us the peace of mind since we know what the exact ingredients are.
  3. We provide fast reliable delivery when buying ecigs online or if you place a phone order, this is possible due to our logistic structure and deals with our courier companies.
  4. Excellent price for best quality, original products and prompt service.
  5. We have extended our services and products offer to reach more Australian wanting to give cigarettes the flick. Customers can visit our shop front located at 673 High Street, Preston, Victoria 3072,Soulblu distributors in Victoria, or online shops


Our Experience:

Like you, we had many experiences with different types of products (nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, hypnotherapy, cold turkey and pills) to give up the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes, but nothing helped long enough, until we tried this real and more economical alternative to tobacco cigarettes called “Electronic Cigarette”, also known as “E cigs”, “e cigarette” or “e smokes”.

In 2011 we stopped smoking and starting vaping. Through vaping we enjoy the hand to mouth action, the great flavours of electronic cigarette and the socializing side of smoking, all without being exposed to harmful chemicals and smelly smoke.

From a large list of benefits that our lives and bodies have undergone, we can mention a few: normal oxygen levels, no wheeze, no snoring, no cravings, better skin and teeth colour, less expenses on cigarettes, no smoke odours at home, clothes and car, etc.

Our Mission:

At Soulblu electronic cigarettes, we want you to experience a friendly, stylish looking and socially responsible e cigarette. We are committed to help you be better off by changing your lifestyle from the unhealthy habit of smoking traditional smoking to vaping clean, odourless clouds of vapour.

You can feel the benefits too, so please feel free to contact us, we are always keen to help you out with your enquiry.

Improve your lifestyle, vape Soulblu e cigarettes & e liquids, and stay healthy.

Soulblu Team