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Learn Customizing Wattage For The Best Vaping experience!

If you are a vaper using an Advanced Personal Vaporizer, APV or MOD, then you should get familiarized with the term ‘wattage’ and its role in determining a successful vaping experience. Different APV differ in sizes, shapes and materials, but all of them have very common settings including the ability to increase or decrease the […]

How Will You Know When Coil / Atomiser Needs Changing?

The lifespan of an atomiser/coil depends merely on an individual’s vaping habit, the kind of e-cigarette you are using, choice of e-juice flavour, the ecigs settings and the type of coil being used. If you want to get the best flavour and avoid the typical burnt taste, it becomes necessary to replace the coils periodically. […]

10 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes – Debunked!

Since vaping has became so popular and has helped millions of people around the world, some negative propaganda has been spread through media to intentionally make everyone believe e-cigarettes are as bad as smoking cigarettes. Whether you are an experienced vaper or someone still exploring e-cigarette options, you might have heard different articles projecting different information […]

Vaping regulations in Victoria

Despite of all the studies and researches done worldwide proving the efficacy of e-cigarettes as a harm minimization alternative to smoking, government in Victoria has disregarded the potential Vaping has fighting the battle against cancer causing tobacco products. While other countries such as, UK, USA and New Zealand are welcoming e-cigs to achieve a smoke-free […]

Vaping Nicotine E-liquids Safely

It is important to be well informed, rather than panicking and getting alarmed by those anti – vaping news who might put you off vaping with incorrect facts. It is true, nicotine is a highly addictive compound that can accelerate your heart and breathing rate, but it also enhances your focus and concentration, increase blood […]

What to expect when traveling With E-Cigarettes by Air

In the recent years, the e-cigarettes have seen massive growth in its popularity. However, the rules pertaining to vaping has been changing constantly and many vapers have been left uncertain of the rules regarding flying with e-cigarettes. Although the vapor generated by e-cigarettes doesn’t harm bystanders and does not set off smoking alarms in airports […]

Positive Sides of Vaping Revealed in 9 Research Studies

Paid media including, magazines, newspaper, radio and TV are leading false campaigns against revolutionary nicotine delivering devices “Vaporisers”. In order to disprove these false statements, various studies have being conducted by scientific research teams around the world. Below are a number of studies, researches and special reports carried out on e-cigarettes and vaping that you […]

Is The Vapour Released From E-Cigarettes Harmful To Bystanders?

There seems to be a fair share of uncertainty, fear and doubt about the effects of vapour released from e-cigarette. Second hand vaping has been a major argument among people who are very serious about implementing e-cigarette bans. These bans have been increasing in many places as people are linking them to traditional tobacco cigarettes. […]

E-liquid Regulations and Labelling Requirements

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – MHRA is an UK agency responsible for implementing the rules for any vaping products with nicotine, and creating guidelines for both consumers and manufacturers. MHRA’s Tobacco and Related Product Regulations took effect in 2016 in UK and made Tobacco Products Directive as a priority for e-cigarette manufacturers. […]

Are E-Cigarettes better alternative for Asthmatic Patients?

Governments all over the world are trying to enforce more and more regulations to control the use of e-cigarettes, even though there have been many studies done proving how beneficial it is to smokers when switching from tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes. Smoking tobacco cigarettes makes asthma sufferers condition worse, affecting their lung function and make […]