Basics about e-cigarettes

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are NOT cigarettes and by using one you are NOT smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices available for adults looking for a Non-tobacco alternative which can minimize the negative impact to their health created by smoking.

Since their invention in 2004 they have been given different names including;

“Electronic cigarette”, “e-cigarettes”, “ecigs”, “electric cigarettes”. Marketing wise, those have been great terms used over the last decade to attract smokers (cigarettes users) looking for the real alternative to cigarettes, but realistically they should have been called Vapes, as the action of using them is more like Vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is NOT smoking.

Vaping refer to the act of using an electronic cigarette. People who uses e-cigarettes are also known as “Vapers”.

The technique of using an Electric cigarette or ”Vaping” is different from smoking; for better results, you are required to inhale slowly, lightly and longer draws. Unlike smoking, a quick, strong and short puff is not going to increase vapour production; it will reduce it.

Vaping is not difficult, just inhale filling your mouth slowly, it can take from three (3) to ten (10) seconds, inhale and immediately exhale. Sometimes you may need to take a couple primer puffs to get the vapour flow going.

Types of electronic cigarettes

There are so many types of Electronic cigarette, designed to suit different customers’ needs and preferences. Different manufacturers have released various designs ranging in sizes, shapes, power, weight, functionality, etc; but despite multiple variations, for simplicity ecigs have been grouped in three (3) different categories:

  • First generation, or Ciga-likes:

It resembles traditional smokes. Although the design is very simple and easy to use, its power cannot be customized or refilled with different flavoured e-liquids. Battery last few hours, does not produce much vapour and throat hit. Long term is more expensive than the vape pens and MODS, as the cartridges need to be disposed periodically. NOT AVAILABLE


    • Second generation, or pen e-cigarettes:

Vape pens are a bit longer and thicker than the ciga-like ones. They can be refilled many times with different e-liquid flavours, generally the battery lasts a full day usage, producing a lot more vapour and throat hit.

Is the most economical choice of all Vapes.

Most recommended choice for newcomers.

AVAILABLE: soulblu caballero II and lite.

  • Third generation or Advanced Personal Vaporisers, MODS

MODs are are a lot bulkier and heavier compared to other ecigs, due to the complexity of its circuit board. They can be refilled, batteries last longer than a day, produces huge clouds of vapour, great throat hit and allows customization. Advanced personal Vaporisers are the latest vaping innovation and manufacturers of different e-cigs brands keep upgrading, redesigning and improving their technology.

Recommended for more experienced users.

AVAILABLE BRANDS: Soulblu, Aspire, Smok, Joyetech, Eleaf, Sigelei, Vaporesso, Kangertech.

Although it is a good idea that you feel comfortable holding a vape machine with an appealing design, keep in mind that the result might be the same using either or. Whatever e-cig gear you choose to start your vaping journey, be sure you know how to use them, maintain them and stock up with the right consumables to be able to get many steps away from smoking.

How do e-cigarettes work?

Despite of many different designs, brands and prices, e-cigarettes or advanced personal vaporizers have common components and operates using the same principle.

Components: Battery, tank (holds e-liquid), atomizer (holds the resistance) and mouthpiece.

  • Tank or Cartomiser has three components: a mouthpiece, a coil head and a glass tank, holding certain amount of ejuice (1ml to 5ml), which gets vaporised every time you take a puff. More about tanks
  • Coil head are an atomizer made from a metal (Nickel, Stainless steel or Titanium), and filled with cotton. They have a resistance which heats up the eliquid with each puff. Depending on the tank they range from 0.2 to 2.1 ohms.
  • Eliquid is the vaping solution which you refill the tank with and vaporize every time you inhale. Typically made from PG, VG, flavor, and nicotine (optional) they are available in different flavours, PG/VG ratios and Nicotine strengths. Our eliquids are Top Quality and Australian made.
  • Battery is the part of an electronic cigarette which makes the whole system work. In simple words the battery is what supply the power to an electronic cigarette and initiates the process of vaporising the e-liquid. Depending on the models and manufacturers they can range from 240 mAh to 3000 mAh. The mAh rating determines how long it will last between charges. Batteries requires care and maintenance.

How it operates: holding the power button activates the battery, which automatically heats up the atomizer and the e-liquid. Inhaling for few seconds (up to 10) will convert the e-liquids into clouds of vapour and release nicotine instantly absorbed by your system.

What e-cigarettes does Soulblu sale?

Soulblu has a wide range of ecigarettes starter kits carefully sourced from the best ecigs manufacturers in the vaping industry: Soulblu, Aspire brand, Eleaf brand, Kangertech, Smok, Sigelei, Vaporesso, Joyetech, Freemax,

Soulblu vaping selection has been based on customer’s needs, demand and budget.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.