Why choosing Soulblu Electronic Cigarettes.

With too many Electronic Cigarettes suppliers in Australia you can get overwhelmed and with some luck, great difficulty, time spent and google searches,  you may get the e-cigarette supplier which meets your “vaping” (-word that indicates the actions of using electronic cigarettes, vapourisers or ecigs-) needs.

The following are six good reasons why you should choose Soulblu Electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and not the other:

First, We have an Electronic Cigarettes SHOP FRONT  in Melbourne.

We are 100% proud to help thousands of smokers in Australia since 2011 when just very few people started to hear about the “Great Electronic device that help people Quit”. There and then, we only had presence as “Ecigs Victoria” in the online market, but as many customers started visiting our premises to see, touch and try the electronic cigarette starter kits and sample the e-liquid flavours, we thought of making available a space dedicated for our current and future customers.

In the e-cigarettes and e-liquids industry Soulblu is recognised for taking care of every single customer as it was the first and only one.

Soulblu is Australia #1 Best Customer Service and Top Quality supplier.

You can also get the privileges of being Soulblu Customer, call 03 9078 0538 or visit 673 High Street, Preston in Melbourne, and receive:

  • one on one support, advice, and answer to all your questions related to electronic cigarettes, eliquids and more.
  • Face to face demonstration on how Soulblu electronic cigarettes work,
  • On site FREE sample of any e-liquid flavours,
  • The latest updates on electronic cigarettes, parts and more than 50 flavours 0mg nicotine eliquids,
  • Loyalty card which give you automatic discount on your first purchase, gifts, promotions, etc.

Every Call or Visit to Soulblu is worth the time and effort, take your time today for a FREE onsite SOULBLU ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE DEMONSTRATION.

 Second, Soulblu supplies Top Quality Products

Soulblu offers top quality products, and constantly researches for new sources of better performance and improvements. Soulblu does not release products to the market, unless they have been tested, monitored, improved and approved by an Electronic Engineer. Many of our products are designed by us and made by our manufacturer to meet our specifications.

With each Electronic cigarette sold, we supply 1 month warranty on batteries and chargers, and successfully instruct you on how to maintain your electronic device to get the longest life span out of it. All items sold are on site tested so you have the assurance it works as you leave our shop.


Third, Soulblu proudly supplies Australia Made e-liquids by “DON E-LIQUID P/L”

We are thousands of steps ahead our competitors in QUALITY e-liquids,

  • We offer the best e-liquid flavours you can find in Australia,
  • We care for your HEALTH and vaping EXPERIENCE,
  • “Don e-liquid” takes all necessary precautions to bring EXCELLENT quality, and CONSISTENCY from batch to batch.

If it’s not Australia MADE, don’t VAPE it, don’t RISK it!

You can thrust vaping e-liquids supplied by Soulblu, as they are made in Australia using Top Quality and Reliable Source of Ingredients, as well as, standardised process and procedures during the following stages:

 Designing > Manufacturing > Measuring > Testing > Packing > Batching > Labelling

Here are some other reason why you should always choose to vape 0mg nicotine e-liquids manufactured by “Don e-liquid” and supplied by Soulblu, instead of other suppliers (who most likely source cheap e-liquids from Asian Suppliers, not being aware of what ingredients have been mixed and standards used during its preparation).

  • The ingredients used in “Don e-liquids” 0mg nicotine juices are sources from the best suppliers from Australia and around the world, such as, propylene glycol PG, Vegetable Glycerine VG, food grade flavourings, distilled water and others.
  • Don e-liquid uses PE plastic bottles, which are used in food industry for safe storage of products for human consumption. Being responsible with our customers and their children safety, we ensure all e-liquids sold at Soulblu are sealed with Childproof Plastic Caps and have a drip tips insert.
  • Each bottle of 0mg nicotine e-liquid has a Batch Number, Unique Code used for reference to information such as; Ingredients used, mixing ratios, suppliers of ingredients, production date, other specifications, etc.
  • Unique Recipes and Original e-liquid flavours design are our main secret. Each blend of ingredients is mixed using our key ingredients, using special laboratory measurement equipment, machines and allowing the necessary mixing time and letting other variables to bring the best results to the final mix of no nicotine e-liquids ready for you to vape.
  • Consistency is maintained and variations are minimised from batch to batch.

Forth, Soulblu supplies Safe Electronic Cigarettes “C-tick Approval”

Soulblu has been granted an “Australian and New Zealand approval for Electrical Safety”, which you can distinguish on Soulblu Electronic devices, as they are mark with a C-Tick STAMP. Be aware it is not legal to sell OR purchase electronics without a C-Tick Approval and certificate for electrical safety. Get the peace of mind you need when you purchase your electronic cigarette, vaporisers.

 Fifth, Soulblu Supplies Product warranty

Soulblu provides with each Soulblu Starter Kit one (1) month period warranty for the following items:

  • Soulblu Resolution PCC  (Personal Charging Case),
  • Soulblu Resolution Batteries,
  • Soulblu Caballero Batteries,
  • Vamo Unit (body and batteries),
  • All Soulblu chargers, cables and USB chargers

Its Soulblu responsibility to supply instructions on how to use and maintain Soulblu Electronic Cigarette, accesories and parts, but also customers have the responsibility to follow those instructions and charge Soulblu Batteries and Soulblu Resolution PCC  with Soulblu Chargers supplied with the e-cigarette starter pack.

You will get greater performance and longer life of warranted and non-warranted items, when you follow maintenance and usage instructions and other warnings.

Sixth, Soulblu delivery is the fastest and most reliable. 

At Soulblu we understand how important is to trust a reliable supplier. Waiting for your order should not be more than 2 business days if you are a Soulblu Customer in Australia.  This is the process followed to ensure all orders get delivered to Customers in time:

  • Soulblu orders are picked and packed within 24 hours after you place and pay for your order.
  • We send you a notification email including date your order was sent and a tracking number, which you can use to know the status and location of your order with Australia Post. Please go to: http://auspost.com.au/track/track.html and enter the Tracking number to get more information.
  • Delivery of order will happen within 2 business days after you get the notification email.
  • If you have any questions about your order, please contact Soulblu SHOP 03 9078 0538, email support@soulblu.com or use the Online Chat on our website.