How much can you save? | Soulblu

Save up to $4,635/year switching to e-Cigs.

When you switch to Electronic Cigarettes there will be many improvements in your lifestyle, including your well-being, relationship with family, friends and partner, as well as, your finances.

You will easily notice (as well as others): no cigarettes smell on your breath, fingers, clothes and vehicle; you sleep more and feel less tired when waking up in the morning; your taste and enjoyment for food increases, and your expenses for cigarettes decreases almost to zero.

Apart from your health, family and friends, MONEY also counts. Make your own calculations or see below how much you save – Our calculations are based on an average smoker of a pack of cigarettes per day.

What you spend when smoking Normal Cigarettes

An average smoker can spend $10.50 to $15 per day for a pack of 25 Cigarettes, this is $147 to $210/fortnight.

What you will spend by switching to Electronic Cigarettes:

Innitially you will buy an e-Cigarette starter kit, which contain batteries, chargers, carring case and 5 prefilled cartomisers (a week supply), after a week all you have to spend is :

$13.75 (Prefilled Cartomisers) per week = $ 27.5/forthnight


$13.75 (empty/Refillable cartomisers) + $13.50 (eLiquids) = $ 27.25/forthnight