What is a battery?

What is a battery?

Batteries are the part of an electronic cigarette which makes the whole system work. In simple words the battery is what supply the power to an electronic cigarette and initiates the process of vaporising the e-liquid. Without a battery the electronic cigarette will simply not work.

The battery is the most essential part of e-cigarettes as it powers the vaporising system.  They are rechargeable lithium ion or Li-Mn batteries depending on the model or functionality.

Depending on the models and manufacturers they can range from 240 mAh to 4500 mAh.  The mAh rating determines how long it will last between charges.

Warnings and recommendations

To get the best results and life span from batteries you need to keep in mind the following recommendations:

* Run batteries flat before you recharge them

* Only recharge batteries using the recommended USB Cable, wall chargers or any other chargers provided with the starter kit or mods.

* Do not charge the batteries with other type of charger from other manufacturers, even if they match the battery fitting.

* Never leave a battery to charge unattended

* Charge away from flammable materials

* Don’t attempt to charge a battery that is damaged (including damaged battery wrap) or has been subjected to major shock

* Ensure there is a solid connection between battery and charger, but don’t over tighten. Over tightening the chargers and atomisers is one of the biggest causes of battery failure.

* Clean any mist or residues inside the battery fitting and connectors using a cotton butt or the end of a paper towel. Do this before you put your battery to charge. This will avoid your batteries from getting shorted and allow the batteries to perform better and last its complete life span.

* Do not overfill your cartomisers to avoid e-liquids going into the battery fitting.

* Unscrew the cartomiser from the battery any time before you want to refill your cartomisers.

* Remove the battery from the charger once the charging cycle is completed

* Avoid dropping your batteries.

* Don’t charge a battery in a hot car

* Let batteries rest for an hour or so after charging before use

* If a battery is getting very warm while charging, disconnect the charger immediately.

* Keep your batteries away from moist, water and high temperature. Don’t charge them inside a hot car.

* When vaping, allow intermittent slow and smooth puffs. If you vape long puff too often, too quick, too hard, you will not allow the battery to cool down and can result with e-liquids in your mouth and overheated battery.

* Don’t take your electronic cigarette when you go to sleep as the battery might get activated and hot.

Available batteries

Soulblu Nano II batteries

Although Soulblu Nano II batteries are small, they can last up to 1.5 hours for an average and heavy vaper, they are more suitable for lite and social vapers. These “manual batteries” are the closest size to traditional cigarettes due its length and diameter, but when attached to the Nano II tank the entire e-cigarette looks a bit longer. If you are not fuzzy about size, then we recommend updating to Soulblu Caballero ecigs.

Soulblu Caballero II Batteries

Bigger batteries, means longer hours of use. Soulblu Caballero II batteries have been designed for heavy duty. These batteries are manual and supply 900 mAh.

You don’t need to worry about the size, length and diameter of your Soulblu caballero. You will feel so satisfied by the performance, clouds of vapour produced and throaty hit, that you will soon love the switch.

IMR 18650, 26650 batteries

IMR 18650 high drain rechargeable Li-Mn batteries are designed for most high voltage and wattage mods and vaping devices which requires an external rechargeable battery.

IMR 26650 are more powerful, bigger and long lasting with a 4500mAh, they only fit specific models of MODs, such as the Vaporesso Nebula 100W, Eleaf Pico mega 100W.

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