7 ways to maintain your vape | Soulblu Blog

By maintaining and looking after your vape you will help ensure that it functions as it is meant to and continues to deliver the vape experience you have come to expect from your device.

Read on to find out 7 simple things you can do to look after your vape and keep it in peak condition.

1. Use the recommended e-liquid level

When the e-liquid level drops below the holes in the atomiser it is unable to draw in a sufficient amount of liquid. This puts your vape at risk of producing a dry burn and a foul taste. It's also important not to overfill the tank. You may flood the device and cause a big ol' mess of the clearomiser.

2. Keep the battery terminal clean

Use a cotton bud to remove any build-up on the battery terminals. Dirty terminals can negatively effect the performance of your e-cigarette. Ensure that a clear pathway exists between the batteries and the device.

3. Store your vape upright

to avoid storing your vape upside down or on its side. When it is not stored upright the e-liquid can travel towards the air holes in the clearomiser. These are there by design to allow sufficient airflow to the coil so that it is able to maintain optimal temperature.

Prevent the e-liquid from flooding the airspace and eventually leaking by keeping it upright, especially when storing for long periods of time. Your vape should also be kept away from water, high temperatures, and direct sunlight.

7 ways to maintain your vape | Soulblu Blog

4. Keep the atomiser and clearomiser clean

To effectively clean the clearomiser, remove it from the device and wash it with warm water. Leave it for 24 hours to dry. By properly caring for your atomiser/clearomiser you can extend its life and ensure it keeps performing well.

5. Clean the mouthpiece

The mouthpiece should be cleaned regularly as dust and fluff can easily be accumulated inside. Use warm water and a bit of tissue paper to clean any condensed e-liquid from the mouthpiece and rinse of any rubbish.

6. Avoid fully draining the battery´╗┐

If your batteries are run down that they are completely empty they may lose their efficiency quickly. By keeping your battery charged regularly you help to extend its lifespan. If you are travelling with your vape, ensure you have fully charged multiple batteries and keep them stored away from high temperature.

Perhaps consider investing in a power bank if you are travelling for a prolonged period and are unable to change your vapes batteries.

7. Replace the coil´╗┐

You will need to change the coil in your device regularly. This will help to ensure your vape keeps providing you with a clean and crisp flavour. You can read more about coil replacement in our blog, 'When is the right time to replace your coil. '

Performing regular maintenance to your vape will allow the vape to continually provide you with a positive vape experience. These 7 tips for looking after your vape will also help you to maintain the longevity of your vape device.