Many of us would have heard the term called “second-hand smoke or passive smoking” before, an unpleasant smell that comes out, when you go past or stand nearby a person smoking. In recent times, there has been a similar talk in the vaping industry, where some groups have come out with a phrase called “second hand vaping or passive vaping” Is it true? Is there something called as second hand vaping? Let’s find out.

Very recently, the Journal of chromatography A, a leading publication has released a study analysed on exhaled breath of participants who smoked traditional cigarettes,  and ecigarette - as well as ambient room air and normal exhaled air, looking for a series of 156 known volatile organic compounds, in other words, VOCs. Smoke or breath were collected in Bio-VOCs.

In the study, participants were asked to take three deep breaths before they could blow into the sampling device. They observed strong difference in the VOC composition of tobacco cigarette smoke and exhaled breath when comparing with those of e-cigarette smoking. The former involved transfers of a much larger burden of organic compounds into smokers, including benzene, toluene, naphthalene and other pollutants of general concern. E-Cigarettes led to strong absorptions of propylene glycol and glycerine in the users of these systems.

In another research made by BBC, regular breathing and breathing e cigarette vapour was similar and result showed no signs of second hand vaping.

source: outis110

So what could a person determine from this? Science seems to show that there is little to no difference between vaping and breathing. There are many other things which are more harmful than electronic cigarette.

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