You would have heard many benefits of switching to vaping and turning down on traditional smoking. Ever wondered how quickly you can experience the benefits and feel the real effects of turning down those stinky smoking sticks? Check out the below Vaping Timeline which details how e-cigarette can swiftly make a huge difference in your life within hours.

Tobacco smoke contains around 5,000 chemical compounds and at least 250 of them are harmful and dangerous to your health. Over 43 of those compounds are carcinogenic. Elimination of Smoking will see your body experience an instant reaction which will be clearly evident. The carbon monoxide level in your blood will drop by half and oxygen level in your blood returns to normal within just 8 hrs of refraining from lighting up.  You will notice significant improvement in breathing after three to five days as your lungs will relax giving you a surge of energy and increase in general activity levels. If you continue to vape for years, you drastically reduce the risk of heart attack and lung cancer.

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