We are just few weeks away from Christmas and many would be wondering what would be the ideal Christmas present for their loved ones. Whether you are gifting it for yourself or for a friend who likes or wants to switch to vaping, Soulblu is a great place to gather your gifts. Electronic cigarette and eliquid are among the top Christmas gifts this year.


Here are some Christmas vaping gift recommendations for fellow vapers from Soulblu:

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit:

Maybe you know someone who is wanting to quit smoking and finding it difficult to do so. Gift them an e-cig starter kit and help them out to seek a healthy direction starting this New Year. Each kit comes with the instruction for vaping and don’t forget to get the ejuice along with the kit. Do this and they will owe you a big time.



Another ideal gift for your friend or family is to purchase different flavours of eliquid. Check out our summer collections or our eliquid specials for some recommendations. Find out their favourite vaping flavour and stock them up to surprise them. Browse our eliquid doublers and if you are looking for nicotine content check out our New Zealand store.

Cartomiser and other accessories:

If you have a friend who is vaping for a while then gift them with ecigarette accessories such as a car charger, a spare battery or coil. You can also gift prefilled or empty cartomisers for an existing kit.

Look out for Soulblu Christmas specials starting early next week.  Grab the best offer this Christmas and help your loved ones to switch from smoking.