Every day smokers around the world try to quit smoking through a range of quit smoking aids, will power and alternatives.

Most smokers who have tried to quit over the years has at least tried one or nearly all of the alternatives on the market today and may have successfully quit or unfortunately failed and returned to smoking.

Under a 5th of smokers successfully quit for the first year, but a further 7% relapse in the second year.

So why is better choosing electronic cigarettes over other quit smoking alternatives?

It’s simple. Basically you remove over 5,200 dangerous chemicals and 43 known carcinogens and replace it with up to only 5 ingredients: propylene glycol (use in food and cosmetic industry), vegetable glycerine and food flavour (use in food industry), water and nicotine (commonly found in eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes which you normally purchase from supermarkets, local markets, etc.).

Unlike most nicotine replacements (i.e. lozenges, gum or patches) the nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes (if you are open to use nicotine e-liquids) reaches your brain in less than seven (7) seconds to relieve the cravings. These is tremendously better since you are not inhaling the nasty chemicals from cigarettes and the nicotine cravings get released significantly faster than most NRT – Nicotine Replacement Treatments.

Furthermore, vaping electronic cigarettes give you the flexibility of having it when you want it or need it instead of a continuous twenty four (24) hours nicotine supply to your system like the patches do. If the plan is to be nicotine free, then on a daily basis while you wean yourself off nicotine, a person should only have the nicotine intake when He/She has cravings; this is the reason why electronic cigarette is a way better alternative over patches.

Hand to mouth action, visual experience plus huge savings. With electronic cigarettes you get to keep the hand to mouth action that unconsciously relieves the stress via inhaling and exhaling, and off course you can still blow vape rings, adding to the visual pleasures of vaping. In cost comparison, e-cigarette also shines, on average it will only cost you around $10 a week.

Available alternatives might not be a Smart choice.

This is the list of most known alternatives to smoking available in the quit smoking market: will power aka cold turkey, hypnotherapy, patches, lozenges, gum, sprays and prescribed medication.

Will power, unfortunately is lacking in smokers when it comes to quitting, very few last the distance while others fall back into the grasp of smoking due to stress or pushed back into it to calm them down.

Hypnotherapy, you get hypnotised to repel smoking. This unfortunately does not work on everyone, apparently only on people with an IQ above 70 and with no mental disabilities. Plus the cost is up front regardless if you can or cannot be hypnotised, there is only one way to find out.

Mints and gum, help relieve cravings in minutes which is a long time to smokers. The reason is because the nicotine is absorbed through your stomach which is slower. Also be careful with too much gum as it can have a laxative effect on the body.

Patches, unnecessarily give continuous supply of nicotine to the body. Some people have adverse reaction to the continuous supply through the skin.

The mouth spray, the idea is you spray it into your cheek and it relieves you of your cravings as well as numb your sense of taste and maybe your eyesight if it is too strong your eyes will water up, this is has happened to a few.

By now you should have realised about the benefits given by electronic cigarettes as a real smoking alternative and why other alternatives fail to be the smarter replacement to your smoking habit. Electronic cigarettes cover all the factors which smokers miss after quitting analogue cigarettes, from hand to mouth action, visual and habit responses to flavour availability. You can also add to the equation that electronic cigarettes are more economical, safer and cleaner form of what you enjoy.

As far as passive smoking or second hand smoke there is absolutely no risk to others. As stated by Dr Murray Laugesen. It is 100-1000 times safe to vape! Please seriously Don’t Smoke, Just Vape.