According to a recent study by Britain’s Department of Health, electronic cigarettes are almost 95% less harmful than tobacco and must be promoted to smokers to quit smoking. E-cigs are not completely risk free but the level of damage caused in terms of active and passive smoking is predominantly less when compared to Conventional smoking. E-cigarettes is already popular and is considered as a cheap way to reduce smoking in developed Countries like US, UK and Australia.

The chemicals that cause smoking related diseases are not present in e-cigarettes and the study suggests that electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful to health than smoking. The public health England study criticises media for projecting e-cigarette more harmful than tobacco smoking which could lead as a gateway to teenagers.

There is no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarette results in decline of smoking rates, though they are found to be an alternative to quit smoking. Many experts suggests that “smokers should try vaping, and vapers should stop smoking entirely”.

Soulblu join hands with UK study and considers that electronic cigarettes are less unsafe when compared to tobacco smoking. Vaping is the best alternative for chain smokers as it reduces the harmful effect and gives way to quit smoking.

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