Governments all over the world are trying to enforce more and more regulations to control the use of e-cigarettes, even though there have been many studies done proving how beneficial it is to smokers when switching from tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes.

Are E-Cigarettes better alternative for Asthmatic Patients?

Smoking tobacco cigarettes makes asthma sufferers condition worse, affecting their lung function and make corticosteroids treatments less effective. On the other hand, using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking will substantially reduce the impacts of smoking and associated health issues among asthma sufferers. A new study made by Professional Ricardo Polosa and his crew looked into the improvements seen among asthma patients who cut down smoking or fully switched to vaping. Some of the findings are shown below:

About the experiment:

Eighteen (18) asthmatic patients who switched from tobacco smokes to e-cigarettes were involved in the study to investigate any development in the respiratory function and overall health condition. They were closely monitored and various baseline measures were taken and checked against the figures obtained after 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.


The long time observation revealed consistent improvements in respiratory symptoms and lung function in all the patients. The evidence has proved that switching from smoking to vaping can benefits asthmatic patients in different ways. It not only helps in reversing the damages caused by tobacco cigarettes but also improves the effectiveness of treatment given to asthma sufferers.

Impacts of E-Cig Use on COPD Disease:

Apart from asthma, e-cigarettes can also benefit (converted to vaping) patients suffering from COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. As per the global internet survey conducted on over 19,000 consumers, it is proved that people with emphysema, non-reversible asthma, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis have experienced reduction in the symptoms after switching over to vaping.

Final Verdict:

Media and regulators are trying to make everyone believe that e-cigarettes are extremely harmful, but real studies have revealed out the benefits that can be gained by switching from smoking to vaping. In order to emphasize more on this finding, further studies should be conducted with a larger group so that people can gain a better understanding of how e-cig usage can reduce health problems like asthma and encourage smokers to switch to a 95% less harmful alternative to smoking.

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