Once again the press in Australia has attacked the e-cig community. This time they have based their negative propaganda in a United Kingdom fire hazard report. Electronic devices in general are known to be a risk if not used, maintained and charged as per manufacturer’s recommendations. But as a responsible supplier Soulblu has taken a step further to increase its Electrical Safety having its electronic devices C-tick approved by Australian Government.

Once again the mainstream press has collected some data about electronic cigarettes and used it to write scary and shocking headlines that their readers will see as intimidating and will portray e-cig use in a bad light once more. Sadly the articles don’t reveal a comparison with the alarming amount of fires related to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Main news headings about e cigarettes include:

“E-Cigarette Danger: Fire Officers Issue Safety Guidelines After Rise in Fires”,

“E-cig charging devices now start one fire each week”,

“Surely only a fool would mess with these potentially home-threatening devices”

“You’d have to be mental to be a vaper”

These are just some of the horrible headlines being displayed in the UK headlines.

According to The Daily Mail stated “Electronic cigarettes have been to more than 100 fires, new figures reveal”. This is a case for fire services in the UK with data showing that the fire department has attended 113 calls to incidents related to electronic cigarettes however this is over a two year period.

Given that the fire statistics were taken over a 12 month reporting period below are some figures which clearly suggest that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

  • The total adult population of the UK was 52,085,000.
  • 20% of the adult population smokes cigarettes making the smoking population 10,417,000.
  • Fires related to traditional cigarettes were far less than those caused by Cigarettes.
  • 2,100,000 electronic cigarettes users in the UK.
  • Fires related to e-cigarettes in a single year was 57 with a total of 1 fatality.

This is proof that vaping is a much safer alternative to cigarettes in relation to house fires. This is one more reason to promote vaping, as switching to e-cigarettes will reduce the number of fatalities from house fires.

At Soulblu our batteries and chargers are Australian certified, the Australian government requires that all local or imported produced electrical and electronic equipment comply with electromagnetic compatibility emission requirements. A compliant product must bear the C-Tick logo.

We at Soulblu provide quality products which when used correctly and maintained will not cause fires so that you can feel safe and comfortable when using our products. For your peace of mind and to minimise your risk, always ask your supplier for the C-tick approval.