Our customers love the great flavors and enjoy the wonderful taste of premium e liquids we offer, but one thing they often tend to forget or probably may not be aware of, is the potential hazard caused by eliquid to other members of their home – pets. Cats and dogs are great companions who love to go for a walk or curl up on the couch while you vape your e cigs, however eliquid can be a serious hazard to their health. Here is a look at some reasons to be extra cautious with your flavours when you are around your pets.


You might enjoy dragging a puff of your nicotine contained eliquid, a slight dosage or a few drops can cause serious consequence to cats, if consumed. Cats are always curious, so be sure they are locked up or you are far away from their sight while you refill your kit. Also clean the place once after you refill, even if you are an expert who knows how to fill without spilling a drop. External exposure such as paws to nicotine or ejuice can get absorbed through skin and affect them.

In addition to this, propylene glycol popularly known as PG in the vaping world, which is a proportion of eliquid can also cause health concerns to cats. This substance along with onions can cause something known as Heinz bodies which is anemia due to red blood cell damage in cats.


Dogs are also subject to danger when exposed to e-liquid. Similar to cats nicotine in eliquid can be dangerous to dogs as well. It can cause increased heart rate and breathing, tremors, vomiting and more. Dogs like to chew, especially those little ones love to chew on their toys. Leaving your electronic cigarette kit unnoticed or easily accessible can lead to dangerous consequences.

Please keep your e liquid away from your pets for their own safety, health, and protection. We, at soulblu.com love cats, dogs and all other pets. We don't want any of them to be in danger or hurt in any way. Make sure to keep e liquid, e juice nicotine, or any of the other e-cigarette products safe and away from your pets.