Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, a lot has been spoken about the difference between smoking and vaping. From facts to speculations, critics to promotion, e cigs have always been in the spotlight. Recently, e-cigarette explosion has become a hot topic in the vaping world raising doubts among people whether to switch to this smoking alternative.

Is this really true? Can electronic cigarette explode?

To answer the question, based on the recent stats and reports, yes electronic cigarette can explode, but what causes them to explode is the actual question that has to be asked.

Causes of e-cig explosion

Majority of the explosion happens when the device is being charged.

Most electronic cigarettes these days comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger. It was determined that the cause of outburst was due to the use of wrong chargers as opposed to the one provided by the manufacturer. Each electronic cigarette device uses different batteries and each batteries have varied capacity and load. Connecting incorrect USB charger can sometimes overload or overcharge the battery leading to explosion. Also using non-tested and not certified chargers can lead to e-cigarette outburst.

Lithium-ion batteries must be charged in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Using power sources not approved by the manufacturer can result in an explosion and fire.

Safety Tips:

A good quality personal vaporizer or mechanical mod battery is quite safe, assuming you follow some basic guidelines.

  1. Always make it a point to read the manual before using any electronic cigarette.
  2. Always read the battery guidelines before purchasing separate battery or charging leads
  3. Anything that plugs directly into a wall socket in Australia must have the appropriate electrical safety certification. For example all soulblu electronic devices carry a C- Tick Stamp.
  4. Using the right charger and charging lead – while a charger’s connection may fit a battery, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is compatible.
  5. Never leave the battery to charge unattended
  6. Charge away from flammable materials
  7. Don’t attempt to charge a battery that is damaged
  8. Remove batteries from charger once charging cycle is completed. Don’t overcharge.
  9. If battery is getting warm while charging, disconnect the charger immediately
  10. Keep all vaping equipment, including the chargers and batteries, out of the reach of children.

It is important to bear in mind that batteries store a lot of energy in a small space; as do other devices using lithium batteries - for example laptops, mobile phones follow pretty much the same sort of charging guidelines.

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