Through a ridiculous turn of events QLD is looking at becoming the first state in Australia to subject electronic cigarettes to the same laws as traditional tobaccos due to a report by the WHO which presented false dramatic claims about the adverse effects of harmless vapour from e-cigarette use on public health while there is no scientific evidence to support such a claim.

Queensland’s State government wants to amend tobacco laws so that electronic cigarettes can only be used in designated areas, cannot be sold to minors, and cannot be advertised or publicly displayed, like regular cigarettes, the Tobacco Act will not ban the devices outright but will subject them to strict restrictions.

The amendment follows the release of a World Health Organization report last month which claims that there was insufficient evidence that electronic cigarettes help people to quit smoking tobacco, even though there are thousands of ex smokers around the world who found hope on e cigarettes after trying other sort of FDA/TGA Approved Smoking Solutions without any luck.

The report implied e-cigarette use in youth is a major problem and could be acting as a gateway to smoking, they said, when in fact current use by non-smokers is extremely rare and youth smoking rates are declining.

The report supported that bystanders can inhale significant levels of toxins from the e cigs vapour, when the reality is that toxins in e cigarette vapour is the same as those present in normal human breath.

The report gave the impression that evidence suggests e-cigarettes make it more difficult for people to stop smoking, when the opposite is true, the experts said.

It was also claimed that exposure to nicotine  had the potential to affect brain development, liquid nicotine which is used in some electronic cigarettes is already illegal in Queensland, however the claim had not stated whether they were referring to pure 100% nicotine or diluted (under 2%) nicotine e-liquid, which is harmless.

Lawrence Springborg, Queensland’s Health Minister has introduced the amendment bill into Parliament, with the suggested changes to laws to come into effect from January 1, 2015. “This early, preventative action addresses public health concerns about these products including their use in smoke-free places, the unknown health effects of use and exposure, and potential for a new market of smoking,” Mr. Springborg said in a statement.

Mr. Springborg said that “evidence regarding the short and long term health effects of direct or second hand inhalation of vapor from electronic cigarettes was still in development.”

To the vaping community of QLD these new laws are unfair and unjust. It is time for common sense and science to prevail over politics, bulling and intimidation tactics. There is a lot of scientific evidence, coming from health experts, health organizations and scientists which prove the vapour produced from Electronic Cigarettes is harmless, yet the Queensland government has no evidence to prove the opposite and still want to ban its use in public places.

How can you help? If you are a QLD resident and would like to see these new laws opposed as we do please sign the following petition by clicking the following link and signing your name.