Future Of Vaping Technology

Since the invention of the first Ruyan e-cigarette in 2003, vaping technology has gone too far with e cigarettes being a safer, cheaper and more enjoyable alternative than conventional cigarettes. Many smokers around the world have put away tobacco cigarettes and switched over to vaping to minimize their own health risks, avoid second hand effect to bystanders, minimize their expenses; other smokers on the other hand, have switched to vaping because it looks cool, is more economical, does not smell, or due to its popularity and results gained.

During the early stages, the e-cigarettes manufacturer emphasised on easy to use ciga-like sizes, which provided a much cleaner, smoother, and enough satisfaction of nicotine cravings. After achieving this, and with many vapers on board, their focus shifted to manufacture devices which could produce larger clouds of vapour and provide better flavour through power and temperature customization. With advanced features, the current set ups are capable of producing immense amount of vapour and flavor enhancement, but what does the future hold for e-cigarettes?

Improved battery life:

Though current devices are equipped with high amperage capacities, most devices don’t have the power to last throughout the day. So, you can expect more efficient lithium ion polymer batteries to be launched in the future. While some devices currently use lithium ion polymer technology, they are not relatively efficient and working on its full potential. Future devices are likely to integrate advanced microchips and processors to be more user-friendly, intuitive and interactive.

Long lasting atomiser:

Depending on various factors, a typical atomiser coil lasts between two to three weeks before replacement. The vaping industry will see an emphasis on producing long lasting coil heads with improved lifespan. Although the flavour and vapour output of coils heads has increased substantially, they might not be to the best level yet, leaving room for some improvement.

Emphasis on quality over variety:

With so many restrictions and regulations imposed on e-cigarette traders, the focus will be on good quality rather than massive produced products with low quality standards. Very few manufacturers will be able to comply with high standards and comply with regulations, such as:

  • Electrical safety,
  • Good manufacturers practices,
  • E-liquid sizing, packaging, labelling, etc
  • E-cigarettes size, capacity, etc.
  • Ongoing Testing.

Instead of focusing on technological advancement, the e-cigarette industry will likely place more emphasis on producing high quality, reliable and long-lasting devices, aligned with each countries regulations. All the vaping equipment and supplies will be made with high quality materials and tested for durability to assure quality.

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