Addiction without consequences


How many of us have made a resolution to quit smoking on the New Year’s Eve and lived up to it? There are few who have kept their words, while many others are still finding it difficult to quit smoking. Snuffing out the habit of smoking can be a daunting task, but switching to vaping can really help in reducing the effects of smoking.

There are many surveys, polls and interviews conducted by media on smoking and electronic cigarettes. Doctors and researchers have come out supporting the benefits of e-cigarette over traditional smoking. Very recently Public Health England (PHE) also released a report stating e-cigs are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Reason for Change

The percentage of smoking has declined considerably over past few years and the most likely reason for the reduction is the increased use of ecigarettes.

The reason for this change is that smokers are being swayed to try ecigs by family and friends. Some feel the convenience of using them indoors, while others talk about the cost savings and better health as compared to conventional smoking.

Echoing on the above one can tell smoking is definitely injurious to health while vaping can reduce that effect immensely. In simple words YES it is about time to switch to e-cigarettes. So don’t just make a resolution, live up to it.

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