Today 14th November 2014 The Age Newspaper published an article about flavoured e cigarettes being marketed  and sold over the counter to children in Victoria Australia. Reason why Control Policy Manager of Quit Victoria would  like to see the sale of Electronic Cigarettes banned outright.

Lolly flavoured e-cigarettes are appealing to any age group, not only to the under aged. In fact most lolly flavoured products are appealing to any age group. Vitamins and Flu Syrups for adults, even Water are available at Supermarkets and Chemist in different fruit and lolly flavours, not only to reach children population, but to suit adults preferences.

Are Vanilla flavoured Pregnancy Vitamins also considered a health issue for children? should they not be sold over the counter? 

If other more addictive, dangerous, high health concerning substances like alcohol, tobacco and sugar products have not been banned, why ban Electronic Cigarettes? A product which only contains, USP grade propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerine and food grade ingredients. These are commonly found in products available in supermarkets, such as, cosmetics, drinks, sweets, toothpaste, breakfast spreads, just to name few.

Some Australian Government institutions including Quit Victoria and Health Department seem to be on a mission to undermining smokers rights and freedom to let people switch to a safer alternative. Instead of being negative about the safety of Electronic Cigarettes, they should based their statements on hundreds of researches and studies done in America, Europe and New Zealand, which have proved there are a lot of benefits when switching to Vaping e-cigs, instead of smoking.

No matter what age, we all enjoy sweets and treats, and these are all temptations, after all we’re only human. There is no point punishing adult enjoyments because it appeals to under 18's. We agree on the regulation of prohibiting sale to under 18's rather than banning a group of flavours.