Addictive substances greatly increase the speed by which a habit can be formed. Cigarettes are within that category.

During times of stress a person can do things that they don't always like, such as having a smoke! Sometimes it's just to kill some time while waiting for a bus, or having 'smoko', as the slang has mentioned. The action of this habit has become so ingrained into society that it has become the Australian slang term for morning snack or coffee break.

Once the habit for an addictive substance has been ingrained into a person's daily life, trying to quit becomes a struggle, like losing your best friend. The fight inside your head, as well as the nicotine withdrawal makes the trip to the shop an easy thought, "Just one more pack, I will quit tomorrow. I just can't today!"

Many smokers who have tried to quit can relate to this. There is always a tomorrow, but what about today? Every cigarette smoked has serious health implications, as each pack loves to tell you, with those wonderful photos and statistics printed on the drab olive box. It's a love/hate relationship.

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Soulblu electronic cigarettes/e-cigarettes / e-cigs.

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Contained within the e-liquid are ingredients you consume every day in many daily food products from supermarkets and pharmacies. Propilene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and flavours. Exhaled is no dirty smoke, the smell is sweet and pleasant and completely acceptable to a person standing next to you.

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