How to Maximize the Vaping Experience

Vapourisers have become incredibly popular as vaping have been proven to the 95% safer than smoking and more successful than other nicotine replacement therapies. However, most people have a misconception that vaping does not delivers a strong throat hit and satisfactory vaping experience as tobacco cigarettes does. If you follow a few important steps, you can definitely get the best results from your vapouriser:

Safe high-power vaporisers or MOD can produce more vapour.

If you really want to increase vapour production, you can opt for a high-power device or variable wattage MODs. To start you can get an economic and easy to set up version, which can also be customized with just two buttons. The idea is not to increase the wattage to the highest setting, but to find the balance where it can produce lots of cloud and while keeping the flavor and experience enjoyable.

Just be aware, you will be refilling your tanks and replacing the coil heads (atomisers) more often if you use higher temperature or wattage MODs.

Lower your resistance.

By switching over to clearomiser or cartomiser which allows lower resistances, you will be able to produce more vapour from your e-cigs. With lower resistance you will require higher-wattage devices, so make sure you get tanks and MOD which are compatible.

Please be aware, lower resistance tanks (cartomisers) may put much strain on the batteries lower than 600 mAh. Invest in a good battery for your MOD. Best recommended batteries are 3,000mAh with reference 18650.

Fully charged batteries

Fully charge your batteries every time they are dead flat and do not partially charge them. We recommend to charge them overnight, but no longer than 8 hours. This ensure longer battery life and better performance for your vaporizer.

Keep in mind batteries can reach their rated voltage only when they are fully charged. Even if you vape occasionally and can go for days without recharging your battery, your device may not deliver its full performance, unless it is fully recharged.

Increasing the VG ratio of your e-liquids

E liquid contains two important ingredients such as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. While PG is responsible for dilution and throat hit, higher VG produces thicker, more satisfying clouds of vapour. While most people prefer 50/50 PG/VG, you can experiment with varying strength of VG for better vapour production.

Please be aware more than 80% VG might burn the coil heads (atomisers) more often, so try to find the balance between VG ratio, clouds and coils to be used up.

Adjusting the airflow

Every person have their preferences in term of drawing while vaping. Switching the airflow on your tank allow you to enjoy a more airy smoother puff rather than drawing harder to get more vapour.

Not all cartomisers “tanks” have airflow switch. We recommend you get one which can be increase the flow of air, which allows more air exchange between the vaporizer and your surroundings. When you inhale deeply, more air will travel over the coils and leads to increase vapour production.

Rebuildable drip atomiser

For those cloud chasers, having a rebuildable drip atomiser is always a must. You can attach this atomiser to the tank using a screwdriver. As the vapers should manually drip the e-liquid onto the coils before puffing, this is not perfect for everyday use. However, it is great for cloud chasers who want to produce enormous clouds.

Be aware, you will be using up more e juice concentrates and DIY coils, which requires times and practice.

These tips will certainly help you learn how to produce thicker vape clouds. But, you should only do what you are familiar with to make vaping a satisfying experience.