With all the acronyms that exist nowadays it can be a little hard to understand and to keep up. MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) are two commonly used terms in the vaping world. Understanding what these mean will dramatically help to improve your vaping experience.

These two terms refer to the way in which you vape.

What is MTL vaping? | Soulblu

Mouth to lung (MTL)

MTL vaping is where the vapour is drawn into your mouth before inhaling. Just like puffing on a cigarette. This is a popular choice for first time vapers and those looking to ditch traditional cigarettes.

MTL devices run at a lower temperature than a DTL device which allows for slow inhalation. It's a discreet vape style that produces smaller unobtrusive clouds in a public setting.

Direct to lung (DTL)

DTL vaping is like taking a deep breath. It's a style which produces large, warm, dense, flavourful clouds. Smoking a shisha pipe rather than a cigarette is a fair comparison for DTL vaping. A less intuitive style for first time vapers. As it's easier to draw and take bigger hits, one may initially cough as the draw is too intense.

A DTL device allows you to take huge hits and create epic vape clouds. The devices are generally larger and it's not a discreet style of vaping.

What is DTL vaping? | Soulblu

E-Liguids & Atomisers

E liquids and atomisers are designed for both MTL and DTL vaping. It's important that you know which style of vape you have and purchase the appropriate liquid for your model. There are MTL/DTL hybrid models where the coil and device settings allow you to control your vape style choice.

Using a MTL e-liquid in a DTL atomiser will produce a nasty flavour. It's generally described as a burning, harsh, chemically dry hit to the throat. It can also cause your atomiser's coils to deteriorate quicker.

In the reverse, a DTL e-liquid in a MTL atomiser will be harder to vape. To combat this you're likely to draw too hard on your device causing liquid to get in your mouth. Not a pleasant experience.

If you're unsure about your vape or e-liquid have a chat to the team at Soulblu.