Vaping offers smokers an alternative to puffing on a cigarette. For some the desire to avoid nicotine is the first step, and the one most often stumbled upon. E-cigarettes allow you to continue habitual practices while removing yourself from the nicotine in cigarettes.

Nicotine Free VapingReplacing the taste of tobacco with flavours of fruit, lollies, or drinks is possible with vaping. There are hundreds of e-liquids available that are nicotine free and leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth.

As your sense of taste regains it's strength your appreciate for these flavours will also greatly improve.< /p>

How to get the most from nicotine free vaping?

  • Choose an atomiser with a sub-ohm coil that facilitates a hotter vape and produces a more intense flavour
  • Use a high quality Pyrex tank for better flavour, cleaning, and longevity
  • Choose an e-cigarette device with a variable wattage/voltage feature. This allows you to regulate the intensity level of your vape
  • Use a tank with adjustable airflow control that lets you adjust the strength of your vape
  • Use a high grade blend of e-juice with a sub-ohm atomiser for a more intense flavour

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