Paid media including, magazines, newspaper, radio and TV are leading false campaigns against revolutionary nicotine delivering devices “Vaporisers”. In order to disprove these false statements, various studies have being conducted by scientific research teams around the world. Below are a number of studies, researches and special reports carried out on e-cigarettes and vaping that you as a vaper must read to keep informed and to help others get educated about the benefits from vaping:

Positive Sides of Vaping Revealed in 9 Research Studies

  • Vaping Helps People Quitting Smoking:

Researchers at University College London wrote in the British Medical Journal that they have analyzed the latest data on electronic cigarettes and have found out that vaping has helped about 18,000 people in England with quitting in 2015 without leading to any serious side effects.

  • Vaping Reduces the Severity of Asthmatic Symptoms:

A study conducted by the research group led by Prof Riccardo Polosa shows that electronic cigarettes could not only assist asthmatic patients to quit, but also reverse the damage caused by tobacco smoke in asthmatic patients. The study published in Discovery Medicine also revealed out that switching over to vaping can improve overall health condition and respiratory function in asthmatic patients.

  • Vaping Releases Only a Small Amount of Aldehydes:

Kurt Kistler, a chemistry professor at Penn State, worked with a research team at Enthalpy Analytical Lab in North Carolina and analysed the vapour for the presence of formaldehydes, acetaldehyde and acrolein. The team found that the aldehydes produced by e-cigarettes are less than 1 mg per day even at the highest power setting.  However, a pack of cigarettes produced 10 - 30 mg of acetaldehyde, 1.5 - 2.5 of formaldehyde and 1.5 - 3 mg of acrolein.

  • Vaping Reduces Blood Pressure & Heart Disease:

A recent study, led by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, analysed the results of patients who reduced or eliminated cigarette consumption and switched over to vaping. It is found out that they all had significant reduction in both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The study also suggested that switching to vaping could greatly reduce the risk for heart disease.

  • Vaping Reduces the Possibility of Smoking in Young Adults

A new study conducted by Dr Neil McKeganey from the UK Centre for Substance Use Research reveals that e-cigarettes are playing a vital role in reducing the likelihood of teen-smoking. Some detailed qualitative interviews were conducted among people aged between 16 and 25 years in Scotland and England. Majority of the participants claimed e-cigs as the roadblock to smoking and an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes.

  • Second Hand Vaping Is Not Harmful:

A new study performed by Spanish Council of Scientific Research on e-cigarette aerosol measured the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) exhaled by three different groups of people – people who inhaled air, people who inhaled tobacco smoke and people who inhaled e-cig vapour.  It was found that the levels of these compounds are very lower than the amount exhaled by smokers. Moreover, the exhaled e-cig vapour had lower concentrations of VOCs than exhaled air.

  • Vaping Is 95% Safer Than Smoking:

A study carried out by Public Health England has concluded that e-cigarettes are not harmful as smoking and are found to be 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. The research team also has also reported that National Health Service must recommend e-cigarettes to help people quit smoking completely.

  • Vaping Does Not Cause Cancer:

Researchers from London-based British American Tobacco conducted a new study and reported that e-cigarettes do not cause cancer. The study, published in the journal of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, concluded that only traces of tobacco cigarette collected in the cells and led to tumour development. However, e-cigs did not cause any cancer related symptoms at any nicotine dosage.

  • E-Cigarettes Are Less Addictive Than Tobacco Cigarettes:

A new study conducted by Jonathan Foulds revealed out that e-cigarettes are less addictive than regular tobacco cigarettes in a large sample of long-term users. A detailed report was published in the journal, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, which showed that the consumers who used e-cigs for a longer time felt less addictive than the cigarette smokers.

Although many people against vaping e-cigs have stated their hesitation allowing smokers to switch to e-cigarettes freely, there is enough positive scientific evidence showing the benefits gained when smokers switch to ecigarettes.

We hope you make your own research and read the evidence and pass the information to others who struggle to make the right decision to improve their health.

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