While you read this lines, you might have already realized the benefits that you can reap by switching over to electronic cigarettes. The biggest positive effect of replacing your regular cigarette with e-cigarettes is that you could eventually switch to a safer alternative while still enjoying blowing clouds away. However, without a method that perfectly works for you, it seems to be very tedious to make the transition and get rid of tobacco cigarettes.  In order to facilitate smokers like you, we have come up with a step-by-step method that helps you through the process:

Harm minimization strategy

  1. Make the right decision

Choosing the right electronic cigarettes supplier might take a while as there are so many websites online. If you are not sure call the supplier and get all your questions answered. Finding a local supplier who offers after sale support will make things easier, so search for one, visit them or call them. Remember always, a good supplier is not the one that offers hundreds of cheap e-cigs, it’s actually the one that offer original products, good quality, after sale support and service.

-          You will need to decide which e-cigarette starter kit to choose, although be prepare to upgrade as technology keeps catching up as it does with any electronics. You need to feel comfortable with your vaping device, so choose the right size, the most functional and easiest to use, refill and maintain.

-          Choose the right e-liquid flavor, if possible try many and choose up to three flavors to vape, so you can swap them without getting bored with the same

-          If you are a chain smoker, you can start with a comparative similar nicotine e-liquid strength to that from the tobacco ones you smoke. An average smoker can opt for higher strength whereas the social smokers can go for lighter end. In order to make the transition successfully, you need to strict with the appropriate nicotine strength for about eight weeks. Once you have got used to it, it’s time for the next step.

Reduce the nicotine strength:

If you are consuming nicotine e-liquid with the highest nicotine strength, drop it down to the medium strength once you feel is time or about 3 month after you started vaping. Again, you have to stick to this for around eight weeks before moving onto the next level. Try vaping less what you have been for the past 2 months.

Drop down to low strength:

This is the scariest level as you will drop down the nicotine strength from medium to low and rely much lesser on the e-cigarette. One of the best ways to cut down your dependency is to leave the e-cig at your home when you pop around. This would help weaning yourself away from the nicotine addiction completely.

Switch to zero nicotine:

In this stage, you have to drop down to zero nicotine e-liquid. Though you would be feeling irritating for a couple of days, you will not be addicted to nicotine anymore. If you are able to do this, you are almost done.

It is recommended to always keep a bottle of nicotine eliquids at home if you feel stress or going through difficult life situations. It’s best to fill up your tank with nicotine e-liquids during those times, rather than going back to buy cigarettes.

The harm minimization process through vaping might not happen overnight, it may even take several months to wean yourself away from nicotine. It is suggested to keep your e-cig with zero (or lowest strength) nicotine on reserve as you are likely to be susceptible to smokers for a while. Having it as a backup will be a favour in that situation. When you follow this method, you can certainly be free from smoking!