Soulblu, the one stop shop for all your vaping needs, has been the leading supplier of electronic cigarettes in Australia. The loyalty and keen interest of our customers has reinforced our initiative to come up with e-juices in world’s best flavors. Our fervor for quality and customer satisfaction has helped us to bring new flavors to satisfy our customers preferences and taste buds.

Listed below you can see Soulblu latest eliquid flavours:

Afternoon Delight E-liquid: nicotin eliquidEnjoy the minty combination of coconut and spearmint with a magnificent creamy raspberry juice. This is the ultimate afternoon dream for vapers. Afternoon Delight e-juice from Soulblu is made with high quality ingredients that can satisfy the cravings for the sweet tooth and fulfill your smoking needs in combination with your personal vaporiser. All our e-liquids are pre-steeped and so, you can be prepared to vape the appetizing flavor of Afternoon Delight e liquid the moment it is delivered to you.

Purple Granade 0mg Nicotine: Purple-Granade-eliquids-148x150Soulblu presents Purple Granade 0mg nicotine e liquid, a delicious blueberry flavour with a minty touch and a grape background, it’s the top explosive combination for everyday vaping experience. Enjoy authentic flavors and delicious hits from the perfect blend of high quality ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and added flavors. Available in full bodied and strong flavors, Purple Granade can be diluted to suit your taste.

Pina Colada 0mg e-liquid: pina-colada-nicotine-eliquid-148x150Are you trying e-smoking for the first time? Why don’t you start out with our e-liquid in Pina Colada flavor? Just mimicking the popular Caribbean cocktail, Pina Colada 0mg e-liquid is the outcome of perfect combination of creamy coconut, juicy pineapple flavor and longing vanilla essences. Soulblu takes pride in letting our customers to treat themselves in delicious Caribbean flavors.

Vankola 0mg e-liquid: Vankola-nicotine-eliquid-300x300Just by looking at its name, you might have guessed what Vankola is about. Yes, what you have guessed is right? Vankola is a perfect combination of rich vanilla flavor and customary kola that can quench the thirst and cravings of a serious e-smoker. If you are in a party mood, why don’t you try out Vankola 0mg e-liquid that gives you the feel of tasting smooth vanilla ice cream and having a glass of chill kola?

Turkish Delight 0mg E-Liquid: Turquish-delight--eliquid-148x150Turkish delight 0mg e-liquid from Soulblu is another exciting flavor replication that gives you the feel of tasting a big chocolate bar. As soon as you inhale the e-juice, you will experience the real taste of rich milk chocolate and rose flavored Turkish delight. People who are fond of Turkish Delight desert will soon develop a craving for this e-juice.

Wild Berry Cheese Cake 0mg E-Liquid: Wild-Berry-Cheese-cake-nicotine-eliquid-148x150This is one of the most delicious e-liquid flavors available from Soulblu. Made with the perfect combination of wild berries and delicious cheesecakes, Wild berry cheese cake e-liquid serves as a special treat for vapers who want to roll out in the ultimate richness of Australian e-cigarette.

DIY 60ml E-Liquid Mixing Syringe: 50ml syringes refill kitApart from these exclusive flavors, we have come up with a DIY 60ml mixing syringe that lets you to mix larger volume of unflavored vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavor concentrates. With this DIY kit, you can make e-liquid that best suit your personal vaping tastes.

We take pride in informing you that all Soulblu e juice concentrates and juices contain Cero nicotine and are manufactured by the only Australia manufacturer of e-liquids to be certified with an ISO 9001:2008 for its Quality Management System. So, all our customers can enjoy the best quality and responsible vaping experience with our exclusive range of e-juices. Get ready to pick up your preferred e-liquid vapor from Soulblu! Buy Nicotine E Liquid in Australia from Soulblu NZ...