Recommended Tips to Make Your E-Cigarettes Last Longer

Like buying any electronic device, always ensure you get original brands of electronic cigarettes from a reliable supplier which can offer after sale support and good warranty. Please also be aware, than no matter which e-cig you buy; sooner (for clones) or later (original ones) you will have to replace the whole thing or just specific parts. If you want to get the most out of your e-cigarette, please read  these recommended tips to make your E-Cigarettes Last Longer

Choose original over clones

There are thousands of manufacturers in China which manufacture clone copies of original brands of e-cigarettes, being also sold by Australian vendors without considering quality. Always choose original brands, as those logically get manufactured with better materials and quality standards to last longer and perform better.

Follow manufacturer instructions

Every e cigarette starter kit always includes instructions. Please make sure you read them before you start using your vaporizer to avoid spillage, shortage and irreparable damages. If it looks to complicated, you can always go back to your supplier and get instructed on how to use and maintain your tanks, batteries, coil heads, chargers, etc.

Set recommended wattage/temperature range

There are vaporisers which have set voltage, while other can be customized (MODS). Having a MOD which highest wattage is 160watts for example, does not mean you need to set it up at 160watts. You need to choose the safe range of wattage which matches the coil head installed in your cartomiser, otherwise:

  • Coils will burn more often,
  • Batteries will drain its charge quicker,
  • MOD itself might also lose the ability to hold its charge.

Clean the coil regularly

Some cluster burnt juice might get accumulated in the coil affecting the flavor and the functionality of the device. If you want to increase the lifespan of your device and get a better taste, it is important to clean coils regularly gently wiping off excess juice using a cotton bud.

Avoid vaping higher than 80% VG e-liquid

While choosing an e liquid, you can pick up a flavor with varied combinations of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Liquids with a higher content of VG will produce thicker and smoother vapour. Though most of the vapers prefer e-juice with high levels of VG, it might clog up the coils, damage your device and reduce its lifespan.

Vape in short bursts

Taking puffs one after the other might lead to overheating. If you want to enjoy vaping for an increased length of time, then short bursts is the way to go. You must avoid inhaling deeply so that the coil will not get hot quickly and you will have enough time to cool between vapes. Giving the device a chance to cool between the hits will definitely make it last longer.

Store it properly

If you think that placing your e cigarette simply in the cupboard will not lead to any damages, it is the time to change your habit. Your device should be stored within a dry case, away from direct sunlight. With proper storage, you can boost the lifespan of your device and continue vaping for a long span of time.

If you have these tips in your mind, you can certainly make your electronic cigarettes last longer.

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