The lifespan of an atomiser/coil depends on an individual’s vaping habit. The kind of e-cigarette you're using, choice of e-juice, your vape settings, and the type of coil being used all factor in. If you want to get the best flavour and avoid a burnt taste it's necessary to replace the coils periodically.

Coils tend to last longer when they have been primed. Priming a coil will ensure that the wick/cotton is saturated well with e-liquid prior to its first use. This substantially lowers the risk of burning the wick or damaging the coil.

A majority of vapers require their vape coil replaced fortnightly. A vaper who puffs a lot throughout the day will need to change the coil more often than an occasional vaper. A vaping enthusiast may need to change their coil weekly. If you're just beginning your vape journey you may only need to change your coil monthly. Moderate vapers may get away with changing coils every 2-3 weeks.

Is it vape coil replacement time?

Poor vapour production: It isn't just a dying battery that can be a reason for poor vapour production. If you start to notice that the vapour being produced is failing to satisfy you in the way it was. It could be time replace the coil.

Burnt vape taste: A burnt taste whilst using your device is prime suspect for coil replacement immediately. Continuing to use your vape as it produces a burnt flavour may end up damaging other parts of your vape. Keep in mind a burnt hit is also possible when a small amount of e-liquid is in the tank. This can cause your coil to deteriorate quickly, so ensure that your tank is topped up regularly with e-juice.

The cotton changes to black or brown: If you notice that the spongy, cotton material inside the cartomiser/tank is black or dark brown it is essential to replace the cartomiser/tank. Depending on the thickness and flavour of the e-liquid the tank can clog up faster and turns to darker shades. Continuing to vape with a clogged tank causes the vapour production and performance to suffer.

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Leakage: If your vape tank starts leaking or you're getting e-liquid in your mouth after taking a puff it's a sign that your coil is at the end of its life.

MOD screen displays “check atomiser”: Most MOD devices will display a message “check atomiser” at the end of the coils life. It's a good idea to have spare coils around as it will not vaporise at all until you replace it with a new one.

Stock standard maintenance

The coils are not designed to be used forever. Vape maintenance is very important for the longevity of your vape and a successful vaping experience. Just as you keep a stock of e-liquids around, be sure to stock up on the coils for your vape.

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