Electronic Cigarettes Users (commonly known as Vapers) around the globe are concerned if they are legally allowed to Vape indoors.

Currently there are no laws stating a person could not freely vape anywhere, however it is often not the case when it comes to private venues and general public.

For a lot of new reformed tobacco cigarette smokers, vaping is the next best thing, better than sliced bread. There is no offensive smell, lesser harm to others, still get the enjoyment of inhaling and take care of craving.

So why would not they be allow to vape anywhere? Mainly because when the vapour come out of your mouth, general public assume (incorrectly) that you are smoking. This is a false perception. People who vape are perceived and classed as smokers because of the sight of “smoke”. The public still need to catch up to the idea it is basically steam or vapour instead of smoke.

To put it perspective, here are some statistics. As of the last census from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 36.7% of Australians over the age of 18 smoke, which is approximately 6.95 million people. The vaping population is nowhere near that. So it is understandable why people jump to conclusions. Even though e-cigarettes don’t look, smell or harm like traditional cigarettes do.

In Victoria, as of the first of April 2014 it will be unlawful to smoke within 10 metres of kid’s playgrounds, skate parks, child care centres and no smoking within the grounds of swimming pools.

Although anybody has the right to vape as there is currently no laws against it, Vapers should be discrete when using their electronic cigarettes on public grounds where smoking tobacco cigarettes has been banned, in order to avoid a fight or a fine. Being courteous and respectful to others can grant the vaping community a lot of admiration and respect in the short and long term. We recommend: stealth vape if you have to, hold your breath in. Little to no vapour will come out when you exhale.

 Common sense will allow you to vape when you like where you will like. Pay attention to your surrounds and you will be fine. Vape responsibly, as a community we do not want vapers to get a bad name. It takes a few to spoil it for the rest.


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