Are you using an advance personal vaporiser (APV or MOD)? Get familiar with the term wattage and the role it plays in a successful vaping experience. APV's differ in size, shape, and materials but they all have some shared common settings. Including the ability to increase or decrease the wattage to assist with customising the heat/power of your machine.

What does wattage mean?

Vape Wattage

Wattage is the measure of the amount of power used by the e-cigarette. Adjusting your vape wattage means the temperature produced by the atomiser/coil as it heats the e-liquid is altered. This ability allows you to fine tune your vape to your own specific tastes and preferences.

Each tank has an inbuilt coil/atomiser with its own resistance. Typically ranging from 1 to 2.1Ohms, however most MODs these days allow sub-ohm coils with resistances under 1ohm. What does that mean? The lower the resistance the more wattage the MOD requires. Giving you a vaping experience with more flavour, vapour, and hit to the throat.

Variable wattage devices give you full control over your vaping experience. However it's highly recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to read more if getting the world of sub-ohming is all new to you.

How do I customise my vaping experience?

MORE/LESS VAPOUR: If you prefer a warmer and thicker vapour turn the wattage up (within the coil recommended watt range). Higher wattage equals more power provided to the coil. As the power is increased the coil produces warmer, larger clouds of vapour. For cooler vapour clouds simply turn the wattage down.

STRONGER/SMOOTH FLAVOUR: Your vape wattage will also effect the flavour of your e-juice. Higher wattages are perfect for dessert or creamy types of e-liquids. Lower wattages work best for menthol flavours. Tailoring your vape wattage to suit specific flavours will score you serious vape flavour points.

MORE/LESS THROAT HIT: If you are craving a strong hit to the throat then you can turn your wattage up. When the coil is operated at a higher wattage it creates more vapour and delivers more of a traditional cigarette feel to the throat. On the other hand, if you're craving a smoother vape lower the wattage on your device.

What to watch out for with vape wattage!

Things to be aware of with a high wattage setting on your device.

  • More e-liquid is needed to create more vapour. If you're vaping at 40-50 watts you may find yourself getting through 10ml of e-liquid in a day. If a bottle a day is out of your budget keep your wattage at a lower level.
  • Battery life is also decreased by continually vaping at the highest wattage setting.
  • Warning! DO NOT increase the wattage too high that it burns the coil or too low that it does not produce vapour. Each coil is different and recommends a certain wattage range. This rating can be found written on the coil. Be sure to check the recommended wattage range before making any adjustments. We recommend beginning with the lower wattage level on your coil and gradually increasing it.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the affects wattage can have on your vaping experience. By experimenting within your coils wattage range you will understand your device better and find the perfect vape for you. 

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