Despite of all the studies and researches done worldwide proving the efficacy of e-cigarettes as a harm minimization alternative to smoking, government in Victoria has disregarded the potential Vaping has fighting the battle against cancer causing tobacco products. While other countries such as, UK, USA and New Zealand are welcoming e-cigs to achieve a smoke-free nation in the near future, the state of Victoria have denigrated vaping by categorising all e-cigarettes products and its use similar to Tobacco products and smoking.

What does this mean to Vape Shop?

From o1 August 2017, all Vape stores (Brick and Mortar shops) in Victoria will become “Specialised E-cigarette Retailer”, If they meet all the requirements and comply with some regulations:

  • Have started operation prior to 01 September 2016,
  • More than 80% of sales are vaping gear,
  • Display of e-cig products are limited,
  • No sampling or testing flavours,
  • No vaping inside Shop premises,
  • No discounts, promotions or sales,
  • No brand or flavour recommendations,
  • No sales of e-cigarettes products to under 18s,

What does this mean to vapers?

From 01 August 2017, vaping will be having the same restrictions as smoking, therefore you will not be able to vape in places where smoking is not allowed. Furthermore:

  • You will not be allowed to vape in offices, shops, venues where food and drinks are served, etc,
  • You will not be able to try different flavours before purchasing eliquids,
  • You still will not be able to purchase nicotine products for your e-cigarettes from B&M stores, and the possibility of nicotine legal sale is far from being a reality,
  • Your right to “freely” vape to win the battle against carcinogenic tobacco and to improve your health is getting restricted.

How to tackle the situation?

We hope you understand is not easy for us as a Vendor, so the minimum you can do to help each other when you come to Soulblu vape shop is:

  • Be polite, be patient and understand,
  • Ask any questions regarding the changes to tobacco law, or search our website for more information.
  • Do not vape inside Soulblu premises as it’s an offence, so both you and our business might get fines. We will be patient and wait for you if you need to vape outside and come back when you are ready.
  • Do not ask for discounts. Take advantage of sales, discounts are clearances in our website, which will not apply instore.
  • If you are looking for new flavours, please purchase a 3x sample pack, a 5x sample pack or a 10x sample pack.
  • Refer as many friends who smokes to switch to vaping, and also inform them about this changes to make their transition smoother and hassle free,
  • Plan your visit to our shop by searching different ecigs products on our website, as we will not be able to recommend products by brands or flavours.
  • If you want recommendations for any products, brands or flavours please contact us by phone, email, or online chat, or complete the contact us form from our website

How to know vaping is right?

  • Its important you stay strong and don’t let this changes make you loose hope in vaping. The biggest proof to you, your family and friends that vaping works if how you feel since you started vaping. Your health and the benefits gained so far are your motivations.
  • Countries such, UK, USA and New Zealand encourage people to switch to vaping based on researches and studies. Those countries have strong visions and interest to achieve smoke-free goals,
  • Do your search, get information from reputable sources. You will be surprised with the amount of researches, studies, health advocates, doctors, science supporting vaping.

How you can help to save vaping?

  • Its never to late to write a letter to MPs – Members of Parliament in your area. Tell them your experience, how the changes affect you, vaping businesses and the future of the health system by tagging e-cigarettes as tobacco products,
  • Use Social Media to let everyone know about vaping, the benefits and how you feel about all the regulations,
  • Review our e-cigarettes, flavours on our website to help others know what product should they choose,
  • Refer as many friends who smokes to switch to vaping, and also inform them about this changes to make their transition smoother and hassle free,
  • Support vape stores,
  • Understand and adhere to the new regulations.

 Although some changes have and might happen to our Soulblu shop layout, we still continue to offer our great customer support, friendly atmosphere, an awesome selection of vaping gear and premium quality e-liquids.

Thanks for your support,

 Soulblu Store

673 High Street, Preston, VIC 3072