There are many different ways to inhale when vaping. The opinions over the best vaping technique, differs from one vaper to other. Is there actually a right way to Inhale? Or is it just a Myth? Let’s look at different types of Vaping Techniques.

The Mouth Inhale Technique:

Few vapers don’t like to inhale vapour. Instead, they pull the vape through their mouth and exhale it slowly, unlike the way a smoker draws a cigar. Some critics suggest that this method is an utter waste of e-liquid, since the nicotine is not absorbed completely. While others support stating that nicotine is readily absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouse and nose.

On a positive note this method is the least harsh way to enjoy a vape. A good way to savour the flavour of eliquid. On a negative note considering the “clouds” that you produce depends on the capacity of your mouth.

The Mouth to Lung Technique:

Some vapers prefer to draw the vapour into the mouth, hold it for a second or two, inhale it further to the desired level into the lungs, and then exhale through mouth or nose. This method is ideal for beginners or someone looking to switch from smoking to electronic cigarette. Some vapers consider this method is better as they do not have to inhale directly. This might result in low cloud discharge due to the length of time the vapour is in your mouth.

The Lung-hit Technique:

In this technique you directly inhale straight into your lungs as you draw on the ecig equipment, similar to how you normally smoke cigarettes. Many vapers find this method to be difficult as they seal their lips around the tip of the device which restricts the airflow. This is an ideal method which gives you a sensation similar to that of smoking a tobacco cigarette. On the negative side this method can sometime be harsh with liquids that have a throat hit due to high nicotine or high PG levels. Just be cautious not to draw too hard, sometimes it might give you a straw like effect with e-liquid in your mouth.

The French Inhale Technique:

This is a cool technique. Simply take a nice deep hit and then slowly open your mouth letting the smoke flow gently. Slightly inhale the smoke through your nose. If this goes well then the smoke will gradually flow out of your mouth and directly into your nose.

These are some of the commonly used technique for vaping. What is your favourite technique? Share your thoughts on your favourite technique.