There seems to be a fair share of uncertainty, fear and doubt about the effects of vapour released from e-cigarette. Second hand vaping has been a major argument among people who are very serious about implementing e-cigarette bans. These bans have been increasing in many places as people are linking them to traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, several researches have been conducted to analyse and understand the effects of second hand effect from ecigs vapour.

Is The Vapour Released From E-Cigarettes Harmful To Bystanders?


Different studies have come up with different benchmarks, but most of them confirmed that the aerosol emitted through vaping is not harmful. A study published in BMC Central in early 2014 confirmed that there was no evidence for harmful effects when exposed to the e-cig second hand vapour. It was also predicted that the secondhand exposure would be less than 1% when compared to workplace air quality.

Another study conducted later in 2014 published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health looked deep into the carbonyl and phenolic compounds found in e-cigarette vapour. When overexposed to these chemicals, it leads to serious health problems. But, this does not seem to be a concern for second-hand exposure as exhaled e-cigarette vape does not increase bystander exposure for carbonyls and phenolics.

Another study published in the magazine Nicotine & Tobacco Research looked specifically at the effects of secondhand e-cigarette and the findings suggested that e-cig smoke will not impose any harmful effects on the by-standers. They also criticised the idea of e-cig bans in public places.

All these studies offer more evidence to the safety of e-cig vapour for bystanders and are against those unsupported assumptions. The bans on vaping are implemented only due to unnecessary panic towards the inherent risk to second hand vaping. In future, many realistic studies will be conducted for other chemicals to uncover more details on the positive sides of electronic cigarettes.