In the recent years, the e-cigarettes have seen massive growth in its popularity. However, the rules pertaining to vaping has been changing constantly and many vapers have been left uncertain of the rules regarding flying with e-cigarettes.

Although the vapor generated by e-cigarettes doesn’t harm bystanders and does not set off smoking alarms in airports and planes, it’s highly recommended to search and understand vaping policies, rules and regulations related to the airlines you travel with, as well as, the airports and countries of destination.

Carefully read this simple guide prior to starting your trip, to avoid fines, e-cigarette confiscation, and other uncomfortable situation which can spoil your trip:

Can You Vape In The Airport?

Vaping restrictions inside airports vary widely from one airport to other. It all depends on each country, state and city’s vaping policies and regulations. When this is the case, it’s a bit easier to understand what to and not to do with your e-cigarette; but it can be a lot harder to know what to expect when the airport itself has its own policies and rules. So this is what we suggest:

-          Search the airport website to find any policies about using e-cigarettes within airport areas,

-          Search for any sign which prohibit the use of e-cigarettes,

-          Search for any vaping designated area,

-          Call the airport help desk,

-          Ask staff at the airport if you are allow to freely vape,

Can You Vape On The Plane?

Unfairly most airlines worldwide have restricted the use of e-cigarettes on board, so vaping on the plane is merely illegal. Even though there is no second hand effect to other passengers, the main argument to rule e-cigarettes out in planes is that vaping mimics smoking. To avoid bad attention during your flight or what is worst to be fined up to $25,000 is best to:

-          Avoid the use of e-cigarettes on board,

-          Take the most discrete e-cig on board,

-          Discretely puff on the toilet (consult flight attendance first),

-          Use a nicotine patch or spray while the flight,

-          Consider travelling with a different airline.

Going through Security Check

Depending on the state or country of destination, there might be none to very high restrictions during security checks. Some recommendations for a hassle free during security check:

-          In countries where e-cigarettes or nicotine e-liquids are banned is best to keep your E-cigarettes in your checked baggage, to minimize the chance of confiscation,

-          Be aware by law you are not allot to keep any e-liquids in containers larger than 100ml in your carry-on bags, so split your juices in smaller containers (10ml or 30ml) in preparation to your trip, also don’t take more than what you need for the trip,

-          Don’t put your vaping gear in just one place, split your supply of eliquid into small bottles and place them in different places inside your bags.

-          Take the most discreet, safest and smallest vaping device while traveling. Be aware, batteries pose a safety hazard, which airlines and aerospace companies would prefer to avoid, to ensure passengers and crew arrive to their destinations safely.

-          Place loose batteries inside plastic carrying cases.

-          It is also recommended to carry the e-liquid containers in the plastic bag to avoid the mess-up.

As long as you strictly adhere to the rules and regulations put forth by the airport, airlines and aerospace companies, you will not encounter any difficulties to carry your vaping gears while you travel domestically and internationally. However is best to follow some preparation tips:


-          Search policies and regulations,

-          Take the safest, smallest, and most discreet gear,

-          Store properly your e-liquid and vaping gear.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure purposes, you must do some research to get acquainted with the up-to-date regulations so that you can enjoy smooth vaping throughout the trip.

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