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Get 30% off on select Eliquids, Doublers, Concentrates and DIY Accessories when you purchase $30 or more.

Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit

innokin-coolfire-4-groupThe Cool Fire 4 is packed with most advanced integrated vaping technology to create a perfect sub ohm ecigarette. Great range of variable voltage, wattage and advanced safety features.

$60.74 –  was $97.30 
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Kangside Mini 25watts Mod Box

kangside 25wattsKangside Mini 25W Mod Box is a perfect choice for a mini box mod. It is a knock-out product with luxury appearance and mini size.

$40.39 – was $59.95 
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Smok XPRO M65 Mod Box

Mod Box Xpro M65 by Smok

Xpro M65 Mod Box manufactured by SMOK is an elegant, stylish, well designed technology personal vaporiser.  You can vary its Wattage from 6 Watt to up to 65 Watt and automatically match the resistance of different cartomisers / Atomisers.

$40.39 –  was $130 (Preston Shop only)
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Soulblu Nano II ecigarette kit

Soulblu Nano II Electronic cigarette starter kit


Economical, convenient, easy to use and refill with e liquids. Only suitable for people who smoke under 15 cigarettes per day or for social smokers.

$40.50 – was $65 
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Gladius Clearomiser by Innokin

Gladius-tank-by-Innokin-at-Soulblu-AustraliaInnokin Gladius tank is an advanced clearomizer featuring a bottom dual coil replaceable atomizer, ensuring a satisfying vape every time. The Gladius is also Innokins first Clearomizer style tank to feature airflow control, for your desired vape.

$17.90 – was $33.99
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Prefilled Cartomiser


Fits Soulblu Caballero e-Cigarette. Each cartomiser contains 1.8ml of e-liquid which equals more than a pack of thirty smokes.

$7 – was $13.20
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SB5 Clearomiser, Coils and Mouthpiece

Soulblu SB5 Clearomiser5 X SB5 Clearomisers, 5 x SB5 Coils and 3 x SB5 mouthpieces – Limited Colours and until stock last.

$29.99  – Save $53.99
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Gladius Clearomiser Coil Head replacement.



5 x Coil head replacements for the Gladius Clearomiser.

$15 / 5 x coil head –  Save $9.95

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Coil Jig for DIY Coil Head – Square

Coil-Jig-cilinder-at-Soulblu-AustraliaCoil Jig for building coil heads for RDA (iTaste VF Rebuildable Coil).


$4.50 –  10% Off
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Coil Jig for DIY Coil Head – Rounded

Coil-Jig-for-DIY-RDA-coil-headsCoil Jig for building coil heads for RDA (iTaste VF Rebuildable Coil).


$7.50 –  10% Off 
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Japanese Organic Cotton Pads

Japanese Organic Cotton PadsSoulblu provides Organic Japanese Cotton pads for coil rebuilding. These cotton pads are 100% organic with no chemicals, bleach or any pesticides, giving you a cleanest vape out of your wick, without having to boil. The soft cotton pads comes in a pack of 5 and is ideal for better flavour and more vapour.

$7.20 –  25% Off
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Ohm Meter | Resistance Tester

OhmeterOhm Meter it designed to easily test the resistance of cartomizers and atomizers without having to use a multimeter.

$7.80 –  70% Off 
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18350 Lithium Ion Battery 3.7V | 900mAh

18350 lithium batteryRechargeable Lithium Ion battery – For VAMO, Cool Fire or other Variable Voltage Vaporisers.

$4.4 –  45% Off 
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Lithium Ion battery charger

Lithium battery chargerLED Universal Charger for Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries (Includes wall charger). Lithium Ion battery charger for 18650 and 18350 rechargeable batteries.

$19.50 –  40% Off 
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