Discover Unique E-Liquid Flavors From Soulblu- Your Choice Is Here!

Soulblu, proudly the first Vape shop in Melbourne and wholesaler of Australian Made e juices and premium quality e cigarettes in Australia, has been experimenting consistently to introduce the best-flavored e-liquids for its esteemed customers. We have been updating our inventory regularly with e-juice in unique flavors to fulfill the vaping needs of our customers. As an added bonus, we provide e liquid in Alpine Plains, Cuban Cigar and Don Hill (similar to Dun Hill smokes) flavors that are sure to oppress our customers’ cravings for smoking.

The unique blend of quality ingredients combined with high manufacturing standards are the main reasons why Australian made Soulblu ejuices have been successful developing unique eliquid flavors, which have gained popularity across Vapers in Australia. Some

You can either trust these e liquids flavours actually resemble the real taste of tobacco smokes, or visit Soulblu Melbourne premises for a Free Taste available at the most complete Vape Bar in Australia.  Some of the juices you can try include:

Alpine Plains / Ice:

Even long term Australian smokers of e cigarettes can enjoy the ultimate feel and taste of tobacco and menthol with Soulblu Alpine cigarettes. We have introduced these alpine cigars in two different variations, namely Alpine Plains and Alpine Ice.

  • Alpine Plains:

alpine plainsNeed a refreshing vaping experience? Then Alpine Plains can be the optimal choice for you. With a high tobacco flavor and low menthol hit, Alpine Plains are the ejuice which offer an enjoyable throat hit with a background tobacco for smokers. Perfect for everyday use, Alpine Plains is dedicated for full flavored tobacco lovers.


  • Alpine Ice:

Alpine-Ice-eliquidTake pleasure in a cool and rejuvenating blast of menthol and tobacco flavors every time you inhale our Alpine Ice. We promise that you will enjoy long lasting clean and crisp taste with every puff. With half tobacco and half menthol flavor, Alpine Ice assures a stronger throat hit.

Try out some tricks with Alpine Ice! Just add a few drops of tobacco flavored e liquid to Alpine Ice and enjoy the taste of Alpine Plains! Isn’t a simple way to taste two different flavors from Soulblu?

Cuban Cigars:

Cuban-Cigar-0mg-nicotine-elIs there anything lavish than smoking a Cuban cigar? Definitely not! The e-cig enthusiasts will certainly love the refreshing, cool and earthy flavor of Cuban cigars from Soulblu. Get wrapped in the ample plumes of Caribbean breeze with our true Cuban Cigars. The vapor produced from this e liquid is certainly strong and hearty enough to fulfill your yearning for a smooth and silky smoking experience.


Don Hill (similar to Dun Hill tobacco cigarettes):

Don-Hill-tobaccoAt Soulblu, we have introduced e-liquid in Don Hill flavors to quench the appetite of Dun Hill fanatics. Made with top quality and fine ingredients, our Don Hill cigars burst out the freshest tobacco flavor when you inhale it. If you are looking for rich and strong tobacco flavor, then it is really worthwhile to try out our Don Hill flavored e-liquid.

Soulblu is a self-regulated business looking to help Australian community of smokers to find an alternative to smoking without smoking. We understand ecigarettes are a Harm Minimization Product which should be made available along with other alternatives such hypnotherapy, acupuncture etc.

Be aware Soulblu Australia, sell eliquids which contains zero nicotine, USP grade Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and food grade flavors. All eliquids are produced in a laboratory by a company in Australian which complies with ISO 9001:2008 for its Quality Management System.

We strive to ensure safe yet pleasurable smoking experience to all our customers.

Keep in touch with Soulblu to enjoy vaping unique e-liquid flavors!