Chargers for eCigarette | Caballero Charger | Resolution USB Charger

eCigarette Chargers

Soulblu has different types of ecigarette chargers available, all of them have a C-tick stamp which means they are complaint with Australia and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards, each charger have been designed specifically for each Soulblu electronic cigarette starter kit.

1. Wall charger main supply, wall plug

Useful for charging the following Soulblu batteries:

Soulblu Resolution batteries (using USB ecig charger)

A simple way to charge resolution batteries. Screw the battery to the back of the USB charger, then plug USB to the wall plug. It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the batteries and enjoy your electronic cigarette. You can alternatively plug the USB to a PC port.

Soulblu Resolution Personal Charging Case PCC (Using Resolution Long Cable)

Keep your PCC charge before you leave home, so you can take it with you in your pockets or purse and charge your Resolution batteries many times during the day.

Soulblu Caballero batteries (using USB caballero short cable)

Since Caballero batteries last long enough to keep you vaping your ecigarette the full day (up to 19 hours), its important you charge Soulblu Caballero batteries before going to bed, so next day you don’t need to worry about flat batteries. Screw the battery to the small rounded side of the USB short Cable, then plug USB to the Wall plug.

Warning: It’s important you clean the battery fitting before you put the batteries to charge, this way you avoid batteries getting shorted.

2. Universal LED charger:

Useful for charging 18635, 18350 variable voltage batteries, as well as other batteries such as, AA, AAA batteries.